Monday, January 29, 2007

Needleroll finish

I debated & debated whether or not this piece could be a needleroll. This morning, I decided to give it a go!!! And, it worked!! Now, I can't wait for the mystery SAL for the other 3 seasons!!! I think these will be awesome!!!!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Woohoo, forest snowfall finish

Woohoo! It is finished!! And how appropriate that we have a gentle snowfall outside as I finished it. This piece took me longer than I thought it would to do, but I LOVE the finished results. It was so worth doing! I love it!!! I did it on Sassy's Fabby's Winter Blues lugana. I used Vikki Clayton's silks, in place of the called for floss. The combination is wonderful, if you ask me. Stunning!!! Can you tell I am pleased with it!?!?! Now, to get it framed! I don't want to tackle this one myself, because of the border on it!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday's mumblings

Well, it was a long weekend.....or so it seemed!
I was able to finish the Mystery SAL I was doing. It was posted Sat. evening & I had it done less than 2 hours later. I am attaching a picture. I am thinking a needleroll might work for this pattern.

We actually got a taste of winter over the weekend. We got MAYBE two inches of snow yesterday. Just enough to be pretty, but not too much to cause road problems, school delays, etc...

Well, living in an all male household, football was the topic yesterday. DH & one son are Viking fans & the other son is a BEARS fan. Since the Vikings are OUT, DH is hoping the Bears can do it for our son! Then, when the Colts won last night, that makes it even sweeter for them! Our home state team & our sons team, in the Super Bowl. Should make for an interesting game!! May the best team win....there, that is my sports knowledge!

I am working hard on my Forest Snowfall piece & I must say, these silks on this fabric are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love how it is looking!!!! Stay tuned!!!
Have a wonderful week everyone!!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday, with finishes!!!!

Woohoo!!! I have two finishes to report this week. I can only show one thou!! Over the weekend, I did my model for Sassy's Fabby's. I must say, she has done another wonderful color!!!! Stay tuned for more on that!!!

I then got serious about my Bethlehem piece for a few days. I think I got quite a bit done on it, but it has a long way to go.

I put a few stitches in my Forest Snowfall, barely enough to show, but I will anyway!!! It is on my stitching table for today!

My other finish is Stitching Days, a freebie from Glory Bee. I used a piece of fabric that I had on hand from Polstitches, sorry, I don't have a name for it. The floss I used is Alpine from Vikki Clayton. I LOVE how this turned out!!!!
I must pull my Christmas Village out over the weekend & work on it. It has been neglected, I am afraid!!!

I am waiting for the last part of the ILCS mystery SAL to come out, so that I can finish that one as well!!!! Happy Stitching everyone & thanks for looking & commenting! I appreciate it more than you will ever know!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

weekly update

well, I don't have as much to report as an update this week, since I updated part way thru the week. I just HAD to post my finish, because I feel so far behind!! But, I have worked on my model with Vikki's silks & I am updating that! I also am working on my model for Sassy's, but I can't show that one!!!!! My picture of the Forest Snowfall looks a little cut off, but the words are all stitched. I love how it is looking!! I have got to learn to rotate stitch better. I am sure, with time, I will learn how! Until then, I will do what I can do!!!

Monday, January 8, 2007

First Finish of 2007

Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!! My first finish of the new year!!! Amazing how the attitude changes with a finish!!! Since I posted on Friday, I also got part 6 of a mystery SAL done, so I am showing that picture tonight as well! I am so happy to have my first finish!!! It is an advent ornament. One of the groups I am in does an ornament out of the Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue for each month. This was the ornament for January! Now, back to my WIP pieces!!

Friday, January 5, 2007

Friday already!?!?!

I can't believe it is Friday already. Where did the week go?!! I sure didn't accomplish as much stitching as I thought I would have this week.

I am having to learn how to rotation stitch & it is very hard for me. I am the kind of person who has to finish what they start. So, to have this many projects going all at once, is quite a challenge for me!

With that all said, here we go!
I have 3 WIP right now. I started my Bethlehem by Imaginating last weekend. You can see, I haven't made a lot of progress, but it is started!

Then, on New Year's Day, I started my Christmas Village by Victoria Sampler. My DH was so kind to get me this for Christmas. He KNEW I really, really wanted it!

Last, I have started my next model for Vikki Clayton. I am doing Forest Snowfall by Country Cottage Needleworks. I am using Sassy's Fabby's Winter Blues lugana for my fabric, and Vikki's silks for my fibers. I LOVE the combination created by these wonderful items!

I am trying to figure out the best way to rotate my projects!!! I KNOW I will be adding one more into the rotation this weekend, so any advice will be accepted & thought about!! Have a wonderful, stitch full, weekend!!!

Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

I haven't posted a message for a while & now it is the new year!!!!!!!!! I have two finishes to show you & also an update on a SAL. I finished my San Man SAL & also my January model for Sassys'Fabbys!!!! I LOVE both of them!!!!!!!!!!! I also have the 5th part of the ILCS SAL done.

I have started 2 new projects in the past couple days. I started Bethlehem by Imaginating on Saturday. I am stitching it on Sassy's Sahara Gold, using Carrie's Cafe Au Lait floss. It is going to be so pretty. This morning, I started my Christmas Village by Victoria Sampler. I will post pictures of both of these, later in the week, when I have more done on them!

Over the weekend, I helped my dad get a blog set up so that he can show his pictures of his pens & such himself. There is a link to his blog in my favorites list!

I hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday season! I know I have!!!!!!

Thanks for looking at my progress!!! I hope to make MUCH progress in the new year!