Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Holiday Weekend finishes & flowers

Howdy all,

I finally have a few free minutes to update my blog.

The weekend was extra busy & yesterday was even more so! But, this afternoon, I have some time. I decided after finishing the redbird sampler last week that it was time to get started on the Lizzie Kate Flip It Bits before I got any further behind. So, I have stitched Jan. & Feb. I am doing them all on the same fabric.

I also got all of the blocks ready for my quilt. I had to do names on some, repair backstitching on some & totally do the backstitching on one of them. All 26 are now ready!! I have to stitch 2 blocks for the bottom corners of the quilt. I finished one of them & am attaching it here. The other one will say WHO did the quilt. I won't be showing that one, as I don't want that "advertised" on a public place like this.

I am also attaching a few of my flower pictures from the weekend. We did a lot of work outside, trying to improve the way the yard looks!!

Summer is officially here weather wise! We have been at 90 or so the past few days.

Friday, May 25, 2007

A Finish I Can Share

good morning!
I have had 3 finishes this week, but I can only share one of them! One of the finishes is an ornament exchange for one of my stitching groups. Another is something secret! And finally, the one I can share!
I stitched Redbird Sampler as part of a SAL with some gals on one of my groups. Others have finished ages ago, but I just couldn't keep focused on this piece. But, I finished last night & it feels so good!!!
I used Sassy's Fabby's Mississippi Mud Pie 16 ct. aida. I LOVE IT!!!! The fabric is so pretty!!!! Another soon to be favorite I think!!!

I used dmc flosses for this piece.

I am also attaching a couple more floral pix for you to enjoy. My iris' are blooming so beautifully. THANKS DAD!!!

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend & has time to stitch!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Signature Round Robin WIP

Hello all,

I worked on this piece over the weekend. It is Stitching Friends, Forever Friends by Becky Boo. I am stitching it on Sassy's Into the Sky & I love this color!! It is officially over half done! It is going to be a cute one, when it is done. I am looking forward to all of my stitching friends "signing" it for me. I am "seeing" a wall hanging or quilt out of it. We shall see after everyone is done with it!!
I hope everyone had a good weekend.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Non Stitching Post

Hello all,

when I started my blog, I made a comment about this being mainly for my stitching, but now that summer is coming, I must share some of my beautiful outdoor shots. I walked around our yard last night & found a few shots that I want to share. One I wasn't too thrilled with finding, but DH said it is a good thing, so I thought, ok!

I LOVE watching the birds we have here. Last night alone, I saw the hummingbirds, both of the orioles & an indigo bunting. I only took pictures of the orioles.

I also love all the flowers that are starting to show up. I have added a couple of those for your enjoyment!!

Have a beautiful day!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Biscornu stitching

Well, the stitching is done on my biscornu. I LOVE how it looks & can't wait to make it!!! This is a project for a stitching retreat that I am going to later in the summer. I am so excited about it. I have my name tag done, I have this done & I am going to sub out one other project I think, so I have that done too! I have all of my obligation stitching done for the month of May now, so I can do what ever I please for the rest of the month!!!! We shall see how many WIP I can finish, or how many more I can start!!!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather. It has been beautiful here this week!
Thanks to all who look at & comment on, my blog. Some of you do it in the comments section, others on the group pages, still others by email. I appreciate each & every one of them!!!

Monday, May 7, 2007

super stitching weekend!!!

WOW! I feel great about my weekend accomplishments!!!! I had a goal & I met it & went beyond!
I finished my model on June's COTM for Sassy. This was finished on Friday. I can't show a picture of course, til later!

As soon as I finished that, I started my ornament for the group ornament SAL. I am happy to report that on Sat. evening, it was finished!!! See picture! I am very happy with how it turned out. It is stitched on a solo from Silkweaver, using Carrie's redwood floss. (the fabric is 32 ct)

On Sunday, I started & finished my nametag for a group retreat that is coming up this summer. I cannot show it either, because it is also done on the COTM for Sassy!!!

Today, I plan to start & MAYBE finish the stitching on my biscornu for the same retreat. I have the pattern & floss laid out & the fabric pressed!!!

It feels good to be getting a few things taken care of so early in the month!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

bad picture

I am going to post the other picture I have of Perk Up. The first one doesn't do the fabric justice. It is amazing how much different a fabric looks in person than with my camera! The fabric is called French Yellow. It is beautiful!!! Lauren has done a great job once again!!!!

I am still alive!!!

I am still alive & have been stitching, but couldn't show a couple finishes for a while. But....tonight, I am unveiling them.

The first is my COTM model for Sassy's Fabby's. (May) I did Perk Up by Poppy Creations, using the called for flosses. I absolutely LOVE how this looks on the COTM. I have the frame ordered for it, but it isn't in yet! This is perfect for my kitchen.

Next is a little piece I did for an angel project for one of my groups. I think I am safe posting it here. I just won't say which group or who it is for and all should be fine!

I am working on many other projects, that will be posted when they are finished. This week has been incredibly busy & I haven't had a whole lot of stitching time!!!
It is almost the weekend!!!