Friday, July 27, 2007

another finishing friday!

Well, I managed to have a finishing day again today. I was organized & ready to start first thing this morning. I had picked out pieces last night, that I thought I would do today. I was able to do 4 finishes. PLUS....I was stitching a mail art piece this week & I am happy to report that it is finished as well, but I cannot show pictures of it yet, since it is for an exchange. I will show them thou, as soon as my partner receives it.

The three smaller pieces today are "ornaments" I did for a stitch along on one of my groups. I decided they would make either nice ornaments or pinkeeps. The Diane G. one is too big for a tree ornament, but I can hang it from a drawer knob or something. The other 2 will be nice on the tree.

The fall piece will either be a stitching journal or a photo album. I haven't decided for sure yet. I also have been asked about making these for sale. I haven't decided yet if I should or not!

The herb pieces from last week haven't been hung yet. I decided I want to try to find a "garland type" thing to hang them on. I will have to get to a craft store for one of these.

Thanks to everyone who looks at & comments on my stitching work.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Finishing Fridays

well, I have decided that at least until school starts, Fridays will be called Finishing Fridays. What I mean by this is that I will do the finishing work on already completed projects. I had good intentions of doing more today, but I am really sleepy, so I am just going to do the two that I have done. I MAY do another one, haven't decided for sure.

Anyway, the two I have done today are Hinzeit charts called Herbs. They are both in the same pattern. I stitched both of these last year. They are both done on Sassy's fabby's. (celery)

I love how they turned out. They are going to be hung in my kitchen when my husband gets home. I think I know where I want them, but I need to be sure it is ok to poke holes in the walls!!!

My stitching this week has been on a mailart piece, so I cannot show a picture of it. All that I have done is the names/addresses & a small start on a picture.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Birthday Blessings

One of the groups that I am in does a birthday card & floss exchange for birthdays. There are about 15-20 of us involved this year. Well, it was my turn to receive the goodies!!! I got one envelope that was entirely too big to be just a card & floss, but it said _ _ _ _ floss exchange on it, so I put it in the bowl with the other cards. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!
When I opened it, I couldn't believe it!!!! Kim sent me a piece she had stitched & showcased in her blog!! She made it into a pillow & sent it to me!!!! It is so special!! Not only does it spell out friend, but in each letter of friend, is another word. They are : trust, laugh, love, sister, confide, & faithful. What a very special gift, from a very special friend!! THANK YOU SO MUCH KIM!!!

I am also attaching a picture of all of my cards in another very special gift! My dad made the bowl for me. It is red cedar & oh my!!!!! ANOTHER WONDERFUL GIFT!!!! And in the bowl from my parents was some Bath & Body Works items in my very favorite scent! Thanks mom, since I KNOW you picked them out!!! very best friend in the world made the day before my birthday so very special!!! We haven't had much opportunity to get together lately like we have in the past. Well, she made up for it Monday! We spent quality time talking & catching up, both here & out for lunch! We had a blast together, just like old times!! I am attaching the picture of my gift from her as well!! (see, she stitches too!!!) The little hummingbird looks WONDERFUL in my stitching room.

I am SO BLESSED by all of my friends. THANKS TO EACH & EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Daisy Sampler Finished

Hi all,

I finished my Daisy Sampler by Country Cottage Needleworks this afternoon. I did it on Sassy's tan marble fabric. I used Vikki Clayton's silks! The two make a great combination!!! I love how this one turned out!!! I had some wood frames that I bought at a friends yard sale a couple weeks ago. I brought some white paint upstairs & transformed it to a white frame!!! It is laying here on the dining room table, waiting to be hung on my wall!!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

couple more

I couldn't add all of the pictures on the last post, so here are the others that I wanted to add!!! The second one is my Hollyhock plant. Thought I would throw it in there too!

Flowers for the 4th!

Hi there!
I thought I would update my blog with my beautiful flowers today!!! I know I have a couple people who view my blog that know of my love for day lilies & oriental lilies! I went out this morning & snapped a bunch of pictures. I wish I could redo my flower bed a little differently, but I hate to risk killing them! So, enjoy the "fireworks show"

Monday, July 2, 2007

Ice Cream Sundae

Ice cream sundae anyone?!?!? Well, this isn't actually edible, but it looks good enough to eat!
I see that Sassy has her COTM on her website, so I can show my model finish! The color this month is Khaki & I think it is going to be a wonderful seller for her. It is so perfect for so many patterns. I held it up to my living room wall & it matched great!!! Our walls are called basic khaki!

I also used Vikki Clayton's silks for this piece. They are wonderful! These colors looked good enough to eat. She did an excellant job on the color changes!
The stitched piece looks so much better than the picture. Why can't pictures do a piece justice?! Oh well!!!
Thanks to all who commented on everything I posted on Friday. I had a great day. I had to remake my photo album for retreat. That one was the wrong size. I think my aunt gave me the album & I didn't look close enough before using it. Oh well, I have a new one made & the pictures are all in it!

Yes, Kim, you did see one of your blocks on the tote bag.
Thanks to all who commented about the frames DH made. He is really getting into this!!! I need to find more pieces for him to make frames for!!! I have plenty!!!