Monday, March 31, 2008

Whitman Sampler Tin finish

This took me a lot longer than I expected!!! Amazing how something so simple can throw me off sometimes. I decided the frog liked this piece so well, because it reminded him of a lily pad!!! I finished the stitching this afternoon. I waited for my husband to help me with the padding & such. I am still not totally happy with it, but I am hoping after seeing it a bit, I will be happier.

This was my first project on linen. It was actually ok to use. I had trouble when I would come to a slub, but I was just extra careful.

Since tomorrow is April 1st, I will be working on my ornament for the month, then I will go back to Spyro!

Easter Eggstravaganze Winnings!!!

One of the online groups I am in had an Easter eggstravaganza contest last weekend. There were 4 teams of players, consisting of 5 people on each team. I was on the DUCKS team. We had 4 days of fun, games, excitement! I have never been involved in something like this & I had a blast!!!

I THINK I have now received all of the prizes in the mail. Many of us held contests for others to enter. I received some wonderful things. You can see them in the picture. Thanks to all who had contests, donated prizes, etc....

Yes, the candle in the picture was one of the prizes!!! There is the candle, the wilbur buds candy, the floss, the chart, the tuck, and the buttons!!!

Watch for a post later tonight for my latest finish!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Can you hear me now????

I can hear you!!!!!!! I now have 2 ears!!!! My owner worked very hard on me today & I can hear so much better!!!!

I had a good stitching day & I still have a couple more hours before I stop for the night, but I wanted to post a picture tonight, because his whole head is now done. I love how this is coming together!!!!

I am also real happy about the tin project. I called House of Stitches today, hoping they had the green fabric the pattern calls for. THEY DO!!! So, she was shipping it to me today! Thanks Linda & Nancy!!!! It SHOULD be here tomorrow & if it arrives, I am putting this one aside for a couple days so I can work on that!!!!! I want to enjoy it yet this spring!!!

Happy Stitching everyone & thanks so much for looking & commenting!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Can I call it half way?!?!?!

I just finished the 4th of 8 pages on Spyro! I say that is half way. Actually thou, looking at the pattern, I may be over 1/2 way. One of the 4 I have done was huge. The back four sections aren't as big. I took way too long on this 4th page thou. I had lots of interruptions. Maybe I can concentrate better the rest of the week.

I am real excited about a new project thou. You may have seen the Stitching Parlour project that uses a Whitman's Sampler Tin. I searched & searched for the tins, & was not able to find them. I had seen them from the actual website, but didn't want to pay postage. Well, after being to "the big city" last week & still not finding them, we decided to order online & pay the shipping. What a wonderful surprise to find they had marked them down!!! So, I ordered 2 of them. I asked if there was any way possible to request colors. I GOT THE TWO I REQUESTED!!!!!!! Now, to find fabric that will work!!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Finish I can Show!!!

I really have been stitching!!! I finished a model that I was working on Tues. morning. It is on it's way back to the designer. I will show a picture, once I know I can!
I then started a new freebie that I got. It is called Bad Hare Day by Mosey & Me. It was a fun stitch & went real quick. I decided it would be a cute cube, so that it is!!!!

Now, I am going to go back to working on my Spyro piece for a while!! We shall see how much progress I can make!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March ornament finished

I finished my March ornament bright & early Monday morning, but I am just now getting a chance to update on here. Busy busy busy!!!!

I stitched Red Bird by Crossed Wing Collection on Sassy's Into the Sky fabric. I love the bird on this fabric.

I finished it into a pinkeep ornament.

Thanks for looking & commenting!!!