Monday, March 30, 2009

Boy O Boy O Boy/FRAMED

my husband got the frame done this am & we gave it to the kids at lunch time. I think they are thrilled with it. Yesterday, she just kept saying boy, o boy, o boy & I kept thinking wait til she sees it!!!!
I think DH did a great job on the frame!!!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Easter Model Released!!!!

A model that I stitched for Debbie Draper last spring has been released! It is on Hoffman's today!!!! Debbie decided that it was too close to Easter last year, so she held off until now to release it. It is called A Lucky Easter Egg! It is just too cute!!!!!! I enjoyed stitching this & when I heard it was being released, I was excited to see it again!!!!
It has been made into a real cute pillow, which you can see when you check out Hoffman's!!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Boy O Boy O Boy

what a fun stitch!!! I got to go to my LNS yesterday. It is over an hour away, so it is a treat to go! I had seen this pattern, thanks to a friend. I KNEW I had to do it for the triplets!!!!! Yes, I am saying what they are here now....everyone knows!
This pattern is called Boy O Boy & it is by Amy Bruecken Designs. It is stitched on the called for size of fabric, but a different blue, because they didn't have the called for blue. I used Carrie's Threads Moon Shadow for the floss.
My husband is going to make a white frame for it this week. We will hopefully see the proud parents to be next week!

Friday, March 20, 2009

HAED progress

After neglecting my HAED 'little drummer boy' piece for over a month, I pulled it out last night. I stitched very little last night, because I was worn out. BUT...since I didn't have to babysit today, I pretended today was my Thurs. & I worked on it! I got 500 stitches in it. I know, looks like nothing!!! But, I am very happy with it so far! It has been enjoyable to stitch!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Start 'Em Young!!

A little background first! I babysit for a teacher, who has 3 children. The oldest is in all day kindergarden this year, so I don't get her very often anymore. Yesterday, our schools had a 2 hour early release, for teacher work day. So....that meant the oldest had to come here for the afternoon, while mom was still at the school. The younger 2 were napping when she got here. I was stitching & she was watching me very intently.
Here is the story!
I thought....Shari, see if she is interested! Take the time...take the opportunity!! I asked her if she wanted to try stitching & she smiled big & said yes. So, off I went to find supplies for her. I told her a few of my beginning secrets & then let her go. I decided to just let her work, not correct her for not making X's. At this point, let her get the feel for what the fabric feels like, how it feels to put the needle up & down etc...
I snapped a couple pictures of her working & mom said it was ok to post them. Isn't she adorable???! So intent in her work!!!
I also included a picture of what I was working on for you to see.
Have a beautiful day!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

March Ornament Finished

woohoo! I can report another finish already!!! This was such a fun quick stitch.
Before I go any further, I want to say THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for the support & comments on my last two posts. And thanks for all the comments about my model. It truly was a beauty to stitch & I hated to send it on, but I needed to!
Ok, back to the ornament. It is by Val's Stuff & is called Christmas is a Time to Share. I used Sassy's butterscotch cookies opal aida & I think it looks great. I used the called for color for the scarf & then I used Victorian Sampler Threads for the red, green, & purple. The other colors are DMC. I didn't have a 'present' button, but I thought this little bird looked great! Mr. Snowman is sharing with Mr. Cardinal!
Thanks for visiting, commenting, and I hope you have a wonderful week. Let's see, what to stitch next!!!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday--answering questions!

Good Monday morning! I love Mondays. I feel so refreshed & energized & ready for the week.
I had several people ask again who the designer of my model is. It is Stephanie & her website is: The pattern is called Berries & Cherries. I am stitching it over 1, with 1, on 28 ct. I am working on the border, but don't want to post a picture yet!
Some have asked me about the frame for skinny jeans. We came up with the idea ourselves. I said we should make the frame look like a pair of jeans & my husband ran with the idea. He is enjoying coming up with different ideas for frames, instead of your classic 'box frame'. He bought a new tool over the weekend that will help him with frames. Christmas money is a great thing!!!!! He had a gift card that paid for the whole tool, thanks to a special sale at Lowe's!!!
I heard from my son last night & they had arrived at the location for the work team. They are doing hurricane relief. It is hard for me to imagine that there is still so much to do, even as long as it has been since the hurricane. I am sure he will have all kinds of stories for us.
Ok, I think that is all I wanted to cover this morning. OH!!!! I saw a robin over the weekend, so SPRING MUST BE COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OH! Something I wanted to ask some of you experienced bloggers! How can I add a wish list to my blog? I have had a couple people ask if I have a wish list & I don't!!!
Thanks to all who visit my blog! Special thanks to all the new visitors I have had recently! I appreciate you all & your comments!!