Monday, May 25, 2009

Holiday Weekend Finishes!

Wow! You are going to think all I did was stitch all weekend! Actually, I did have a lot of stitching time. When you ride in a car for over 15 hours total, you get a lot done!
I finished the bookmark on Friday. I had started it a few years ago when I was teaching a group of teens the basics of stitching. It got put away when that was over & I forgot about it. I found it when I was organizing my room.
The Little House Travelling Stitcher was getting close, but that is what I worked on in the car, on the way down.
When we got down there, we had to go to Walmart. I just HAD to buy the latest issue of Cross Stitch & Needlework. We then went to Hobby Lobby so I could pick up some dmc floss & waste canvas. Back to the kids house we headed & the next morning, my other three finishes were done!!!
We went down to see our son & DIL. The triplets are growing!!!! She is 28 weeks along now. A normal triplet pregnancy goes 31 weeks. So...our grandbabies will be here soon!!!
We had a great time catching up with the kids. Since she is on bed rest, I fixed all the meals----things my son requested!!!!!
Thanks for visiting!
Also, thanks so much for all of the awesome comments on my storage unit. I appreciate them so much!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cabinet Complete/Room Renovation

Many of you know that my husband has been making a cabinet for me for my craft room. Well, I am very happy to say that after many trials & tribulations with it, it is finished!!!! We put the final touches on it Monday evening. I have since been working on organizing it & the rest of the room.
I am so happy with the outcome of it. I feel like I have a totally new room, that is so visitor friendly now. I was embarrassed to let people see in there before. It had gotten so cluttered & out of control. Now, it is all organized & everything has a place.
I hope you enjoy your tour of my little corner of our home. Thanks for stopping by, for commenting & most of all, for being who you are! I treasure each & everyone of you!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I just received this award from my dear online friend Wendy! Thanks so much Wendy! I enjoy your blog too!!! I am never sure who to award!!!
So, if you read my blog, you deserve this award as well! Thank you for your visit & your comments. Have a wonderful day!!!

My May Ornament!

I am involved in an ornament SAL in three different groups. One of them thought it would be fun to have a pattern that any of us could do this month. I decided to go ahead & do it! It is You are my Sunshine by Cross Eyed Cricket. (see their website for the freebie) It is done on 32 ct. evenweave. It is a solo from Silkweavers. I don't do real good with heart finishes, but it is good enough for me!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

some stitching, a good movie & a bowl of popcorn!

Woohoo!!!!! I am excited!! I had the perfect fabric in my stash to make the 'bag' I had envisioned in my head. So, that left one thing to get. My popcorn buttons arrived yesterday & I sewed them on my stitched piece. Today, I went to the Amish Store that I love to visit & got my popcorn. The girl probably thought I was nuts! I bought 2 6 pound bags & 2 2 pound bags. The 2 6's are for us, the 2's are for others.
I have been stitching on lots of different things, so I really don't have pictures to show. I did do three more onesies, but all I put was the boys initials, so not worth showing!!!
Have a great day & thanks for stopping by!!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Popcorn Anyone?!?!!?

Anyone that knows me well, knows how much I love popcorn. When I saw an online friends start of this project, I knew I had to do it. I had no idea where to look! So, I turned to my trusty source---google search engine. I typed in a few different things & found a finish of it on someone's blog. In her post, she said the pattern was my The Sampler Girl, Tanya Marie Anderson & that it was in the July 2006 issue of the Gift of Stitching! Well, I have subscribed to that since the beginning. So.... I knew I had the pattern!!!!!! Now, I am just waiting to get the buttons, so that I can finish it. I used some of the called for flosses & subbed the ones that I didn't have! I used my coffee/tea dyed fabric. Which reminds me---I need to do some more! Love the stuff!!!
Also, a big thank you to Sylvia! She had the pattern that I was searching for last week, so I am now happy to say that I can add that to my to do pile, that is getting very big!!!!
I worked on WIP pieces all week last week, so this little finish is the only finish I have to show.
I am SO HAPPY to report that my Orioles are back, as are my Hummingbirds!!!!! Spring has truly sprung!!! The lilacs are blooming beautifully this year!!!! they smell oh so wonderful.
Have a great week!!!!! Thanks for stopping by & for commenting!!!! It is always so nice to read the comments!!!!