Sunday, January 31, 2010

A finish, A WIP, and a new start

Hi all,
well, I waited almost a week before updating. A lot has happened since my last update.
Our son that is in the Army has now deployed. Mom has had some hard moments, but overall is doing ok.
I got a call on Wed., asking if we would be interested in keeping the boys for an extended weekend. I really had to think hard about this one! NOT! I told her immediately to bring them on!!!! So, Thurs. evening, the boys arrived!
Since their arrival, I have finished a WIP that I started last Valentine's Day. All I had done was one X & the heart. I have since finished it. I hope to 'finish' it into a pinkeep today.
I have worked on my B.Potter WIP this week too. (most of it before the boys got here) I am way behind on it, but I keep plugging away. I am enjoying every X of it!!!
Then, last night, after getting all 3 babies down for the night, I started a new project.
We shall see how much gets done on it this week.
Thank you to all who visit my blog & for all the great comments!
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Frame Finished

My husband just finished my latest frame & I must say, this is one I will ask for more of!!! I can see MANY patterns in this type of frame! He was even smart enough this time, to save all the dimensions on his drawing site, so he can refer back to it!!!!! Just a little plug here, he DOES make frames for sale, if anyone is interested.
He is downstairs again, working on another frame for me! I have him motivated I think!
Thanks so much for stopping by & your sweet comments. they mean so much to me!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Valentine Freebie Finished

Here I am again! Are you sick of me yet? I have had a lot of finishes so far this year & I have yet to pick up any of my WIP pieces. I truly intend to do that soon!!!
I actually was going to yesterday, until I found this freebie on the 123 message board. It is called Love & it is by The Stitcherhood.
I stitched it on 28 ct. lambswool linen. I received a box of natural colors of linen floss for Christmas, so I thought this would be the perfect project to try them out. I used a pink & light green. The fabric I used for the back of the pillow is a perfect match to the green.
I am attaching both pictures that I took, because they both pull different aspects of the pattern out.
Have a great weekend & thanks much for stopping by my little corner of the world!

Friday, January 22, 2010

FRIDAY FINISHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have 3 finishes to show today!!!!!! One is my reindeer stitched finish from the other day. I now have him framed. He is finish #1.
Finish #2 is a freebie from Lilybet called Swirlman. My brother dyed the fabric & gave it to me for Christmas. I told him I would find something to stitch on it. My swirlman was perfect!!! The floss is a real light pink, but it looks white!
Finish #3 is Lizzie Kate's Thank Heaven for little boys. I am going to have my husband make a frame for it, similar to the frames that LK uses for the small monthlies. (stitching on the top, cork board on the bottom. This way, I can put the boys picture up & change it often, as much as they change.
Let's see....what shall I stitch now?? Shall I start something else new or work on a WIP????? Time will tell!!!
Oh! Almost forgot! My dad made a needlecase for me & gave it to me the other day. I have all of my petite needles stored in it! Perfect dad! Thanks so much!
Have a wonderful weekend & thanks for stopping by!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Morning!

Good morning! I have yet another finish! all fairness...this one too less than 2 hours to stitch!! It is so tiny. I stitched it over 1 on 25 ct. opal. lugana. I used a Needle Necessities floss for it.
I had the finishing frame in my stash! I received it as a gift in a 12 days exchange at Christmas. It was perfect for this!
I also 'finished' my goat yesterday. I thought this was perfect for him!!!
I have painted a frame this am, for my reindeer, so he will be totally finished soon too. Now, IF I could just get motivated to finish some of my WIP pieces, instead of starting new things.
Someone, who lives in my house, but will remain unnamed, hinted the other day about Christmas Village. Suppose I should get it out & work on it??
I am also attaching a picture of the boys. It has been a while! This was taken at Christmas time, but it seems appropriate now! They are helping their daddy & grandpa root for the Vikings!! Grandpa has been a Viking fan for nearly all his life! He loved them as a little boy & still does to this day. Daddy picked up on Grandpa's love for them as a young boy himself. How many of the babies will be Viking fans?? This year is a good year for them to start!
Thanks for all the new visitors!!!! I appreciate you so much!!!! And to all who have visited a long time, I appreciate you too!!!
Have a wonderful week!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Start becomes Finish!

I started this cute little guy this am & I knew once I started, I would have to finish him today. He is just too cute!!!! I loved him when I first got the magazine! He is out of the online magazine gift of stitching. Dec. 09 issue. He is called Xmas Goat by Barbara Westhaven.
I used the called for DMC flosses & a small piece of Ozark Sampler fabric that I had in my stash.
Now, I just need to get a little bell to attach to his ribbon. He is finished as a round ornament, so I HOPE I have that on hand!!!!
Thanks for all the comments on my reindeer!!! Sure do appreciate them & you!!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Furry Friday Finish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With a half hour to spare!!!!!!
My husband just called & said the GPS says his arrival home time is 3:04 pm. He has to stop for gas, so it will be a little longer. reindeer is finished & I LOVE it!!! It turned out so cute!!!! I had debated leaving him with just the border, but as I worked, I decided he needed his fur. It took me longer than I thought it would, but I think it is because it got 'old' using the same color for so long!
Several people have asked about the fabric. It is lugana opal. and it is called Very Snowy. It is by
I used the called for colors. It took nearly the entire skein of the brown.
Thanks for commenting!!!!!! Now, many of you who have been watching can leave a finish comment!!!!

Furry Friday

Hi there,
well, not a lot of stitching time this week! You would think I would have had LOTS of stitching time. My husband has been out of town all week. But....I babysat more days this week than normal & did not have much stitching time.
I really want to finish my reindeer today, before my husband gets home!!! He has asked about it each night when we talk.
I am really having fun with my reindeer. I have had blog visits from new people & I love it! The comments make my day. I don't have much encouragement other than my blog friends!!!
Have a super day & a wonderful weekend! It is suppose to be sunny & warmer here today so it has to be a great day!!!!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ready for some Fur

well, by now, you can tell for sure that my mystery project is a reindeer. I had hoped to get a little more done over the weekend, but it didn't happen! But...alas, he is ready to be filled in with fur. I am enjoying this project so much. He is turning out cuter than I thought! Thanks for all the comments. They mean so much.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Little Bit of Progress

good morning! I decided maybe I should post another picture of the mystery piece, since I made a little bit of progress yesterday. I think it is a little more evident what it is now! Have fun looking!
Thanks for all the sweet comments & emails! Keep them coming!!! They are so encouraging!
I will post another picture soon!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Gift, 2 finishes & a new start!

After 5 LONG weeks, a package that Mylene sent me finally arrived. She had told me about it, since it appeared to have become lost in the mail. Imagine my surprise this week, when I found the package in the mailbox! Oh my! Was it ever worth waiting for! I LOVE this design & just hadn't stitched it yet!
We went to the 'big city' one day last week. We finally got to take our youngest out for his birthday meal. (his birthday was in Oct) Anyway, we went in Barnes & Noble & of course, I had to look at the magazines. I found one of the British ones that I liked. DH told me get it, so I did!!!!! The little card was a kit in the magazine. Too cute!
Next up, I knew I wanted to stitch this little reindeer behind the tree. Imagine my surprise when my grab bag of floss arrived & had the perfect colors in it. I used Carrie's silks for all the colors, except black & white. The fabric is from a 'new to me' shop. The shop is called I ordered a few pieces of different fabrics!! Love them!
I then started another new project. I am going to leave you hanging as to what it is, just show you my start & let you wonder.
I appreciate SO MUCH those of you who visit & then take the time to leave a comment. It means so much to me. It only takes a few extra seconds to leave a comment & you never know how much that little comment can make the persons day. Thanks!!!!!!
Have a great day & a great weekend!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Day Start is a Finish!

It is tradition for me to start a new project on New Year's Day. This year's project was an easy one to choose. My husband got me the Lizzie Kate "time for God" for Christmas. I had a piece of fabric in my stash that worked perfect! It is called fossil & is from Picture this Plus. I used the called for DMC colors, as I didn't have the Weeks colors.
I thought this piece was a perfect new year project, because at the beginning of a new year, I always focus on how much time I spend with God each day. When I see this piece, it will remind me to spend that quality time with God, even in the hard times, the bad times, & especially the good times.
This year is going to be a tough year for me. Our son is due to deploy any time now. He hasn't been given an exact date but sometime this month.
Thanks for visiting & I look forward to sharing with you this year!