Friday, April 22, 2011

An Easter Finish and an Excellant Mail Week!

I loved Sew a Brown Bunny by IStitch from the moment I first saw it. In fact, I ordered the pattern immediately, but just stitched it this week. I finished it up on Wed. morning. This is finish #22 for the year. It is stitched on Legacy lugana by Picture this Plus, 32 ct. I used Vicky Claytons silks for my floss choices...They are Imperial Green 3333 and Quern Stones 5165. I made it into the little pillow this morning. The fabric that it is laying on is the fabric that it is backed with. Bunnies are special to me, because we raised rabbits while I was growing up & then my own children raised rabbits while they were growing up.
This week the mail lady has treated me wonderfully, thanks to three very dear ladies. First of all, I won a blog giveaway that Mouse had a while back. She sent me this beautiful Needle Pillow. It is finished so beautifully...thank you so much Mouse!
Second, I received these great acorn buttons from Tina....she saw my squirrel finish & thought these would go great on it & they will!!!! Thanks so much Tina.
Lastly, I received my exchange package from Pat. We were to create a scissor fob for our partner. She stitched this beautiful hummingbird fob for me & included all the other goodies in the picture.....she was spoiling me wonderfully!!! Thank you so much Pat!
Also this week, I have gotten all sorts of freebies in the mail that I have sent for. I have gotten back into couponing very much & sending for free is great to go out to the mail & see another package....I can remember for sure this week getting: Orville Redenbachers new microwave popcorn bowl, a small container of lady's deodorant, a small bottle of shampoo, a recycleable cup filled with Breva creamer of which is for a free bottle, Tide stain release tablets, & a sample of men's shampoo. I think there were a few more, but I am drawing a blank right now.
I want to take this opportunity to wish each of you a very Blessed Easter...and thank you for supporting me thru my blog.....each of you is so important to me......

Monday, April 18, 2011

Violets & two finishes Finished!!

A while back, I posted pictures of the violet plant my mom gave me. This morning when I went in to water them, I couldn't believe how many flowers were open. There were a bunch open yesterday when I was in there, but this morning, it was like they had exploded over night. So....the picture of the purple violets is the one my mom gave me. The other one was given to me by a very good friend of mine. I don't know if it shows in the picture or not, but these violets almost have a shimmery look to pretty!!! I am so thankful that I am keeping these alive.
I finished my April ornament finish into an ornament this morning. I always like the Prairie Schoolers done with the felt finish, so once again, that is what I used.
My other finish/finish for today is the freebie Easter SAL from the Novalee2 blog. I decided a drawstring tote bag would be cute for this.......a bag to carry around all of those eggs found at an Easter egg hunt....
Have a great week & take time to reflect on the holiday we are about to celebrate...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter SAL Finished!

I received the final part of the Easter SAL late yesterday afternoon. So....after finishing up our supper & dishes, I sat down to stitch. I had a goal in mind! Finish the final part of the SAL & also finish the book I was reading. I was able to accomplish both!!!
I stitched my SAL on a piece of 14 ct. aida, that I hand dyed myself. It is a much prettier green than the pictures show. I am very happy with the finish. This is my 21st finish for the year.
Earlier in the week, I stitched two different scissor fobs. I cannot show pictures yet, because it is for an exchange. I was not happy with the first one, so I stitched another is better. I am going to send both to my exchange partner. If she wants to throw the first one away, I won't care, but I thought I would let her make the decision.
I was kind of in a stitching slump this week....don't know for sure why! I think part of it was that I pulled out a WIP of an airplane I am doing for my husband & I just can't get into it.....
Now, I am stitching something for my dad....we shall see how it works...
Have a great week & thanks for stopping by!!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easter Freebie Finish!!!

Oh, How I wish I remember where I found this freebie.......I would love to link it for all of you, as I now so many are going to want to find it....I am so sorry!!!
It was found somewhere online, in the past week. When I saw it, I KNEW I had to stitch it.....BLACK JELLY BEANS are my favorite regular jelly bean.....of course, if you throw in Jelly Belly's, then I prefer a different flavor!
Anyway, I finished the stitching of this last night. Before I did anything else this morning, I finished the project. I had an idea in my head & I went with it.
I do not have any black jelly beans YET, but you get the idea with the raisins!!! Tomorrow, the jar will have jelly beans in it!!!!!!
The fabric on the back is the jelly bean print I have shown you here.
Many have asked about my sale blog! Well, guess what??????? I just updated it, with 6 different pieces of fabric that I have for sale.
My sale blog is:
Have a great day! I am hoping to get out & work in the yard a little. It is ALMOST 50 degrees.....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Three finishes in three days!

I keep putting off updating my blog. I think...I will do it after I do this....or I will do it after I do that..... If I keep that up, it will never get updated.
I wanted to wait to update until I made my April ornament into an ornament. I am not sure how quickly that will be happening. Maybe Friday...I need a FINISHING DAY.
I also keep saying I am going to wait until I can announce that I have updated my sale blog. I did update it last week & did sell somethings, but I have so much more to add to it, including some fabric I will never use. I am, to update with neither of those things ready!
First of three finishes was my squirrel, to go along with the fawn. I love how he turned out. My husband says he looks evil thou...something about the face.. He is finish # 16 for the year.
Second, was part 6 of the Easter SAL...I am truly loving this piece & I anxiously await each piece each week. Just 2 parts left.
Third, I started & finished my April ornament this weekend. This is out of an OLD JCS ornament issue.....the 1997 issue! I saw this & loved it immediately. It is finish #17 for the year. The little boy I babysit for loves trains, so he will love to see this when they get back from vacation.
This week is spring break, so I am not babysitting.
I started a freebie tonight that I found the other day....can't wait to see how it turns out & it is another that will need finished this week.
A dear friend brought me two more violet plants. They are so pretty! The one has flowers that are nearly white, but with a small patch of color on each flower. I rearranged my craft room so they are right in front of the window. Oops!! I can't find the time!!!
Lastly, I took a picture of my crocus the other day before the heavy winds destroyed it.
Thanks so much for stopping by & for your continued interest in my blog!
I would love to learn how to put words under my pictures like so many of you do, but I haven't figured that out yet!!!