Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Holiday Weekend

We took advantage of a 3 day weekend!!! We made it a 4 day weekend!!! I didn't have to babysit last Friday, due to her needing to change days last week. We knew Monday was a holiday, so that gave me that day off too! So...hubby took Friday off & we headed to our son & daughter in laws house for the weekend. We had already purchased the boys birthday gifts....can you believe they will be 2 in less than a month??? It doesn't seem possible!!!
Anyway, we wanted them to have their gifts early so they could enjoy them for more of the summer. They were thrilled with them!!!! I was able to find these online for only 19.99 each.....they were regularly 100 each!!!!! What a deal!!!
On Sat, we took the boys to a horse stable. They got to ride a pony there. I took individual pictures of that, but this one on the stump is my favorite....
I didn't do any stitching while there...I did a tiny bit in the car on the way down, but not much.
On the way home, I got sick.....they had the stomach flu at their house & they were very kind to share with me...just praying hubby doesn't get it...
Have a wonderful week!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mid morning stroll............

around my yard...
It is a gorgeous morning here. The birds are chirping happily....the sun is shining brightly.....the sky is a beautiful blue....
After hanging a load of towels on the line, I decided to grab the camera & stroll the yard. The spring trees are done blooming now, but the spring flowers are really coming on strong. I started out to take pictures of just the columbine, but decided I needed to take more.
A couple of you have asked in private emails about my vegetable garden. I decided to take a picture of it....right now....it looks like an empty dirt plot..but everything is planted. I put the cages on the tomato plants this morning early.
Stitching wise...I finished stitching my ornament for the month of May..this is my 26th finish for the year. I am working on another pen blank for my dad...these seem to take me a long time to do....I am on the second one & need to do at least 6 for him.
Have a wonderful week & enjoy the weather!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mid Week Update

Happy Wed. all! Wow, this week is going fast....hard to believe it is the middle of the week already...where does the time go???
I finished the SPRING part of the Novalee2 SAL over the weekend...actually, I think I finished it on Friday. I found a piece of potato lugana that was the perfect size for this SAL, so that is what I am using.
Next, I did a 'pen blank' for my dad....if you remember in previous posts, he had just started doing pens with cross stitch inserts. Well, he has moved onto using sports teams as the inserts. He asked me to work up several for him. This is the first I have done.
Lastly, I finished the June LHN monthly sampler this morning. Six down, six to go. This is finish # 9 of 15 in the New Project Challenge. It is finish # 25 for the year.
I am not counting the pen blank, nor the other 2 pen blanks we TRIED to do. Also, the SAL piece could be considered a finish, but I will wait until all 4 are done to call it a finish.
I am also posting a few pictures from around my yard the past week or so. Sure wish it would warm up to feel like spring!!
Have a great week!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Four Finished Finishes

We got the final step of these frames finished tonight!!! We needed to make the buttons for the corners! I am so happy with these finishes. They are Victoria Sampler patterns, by Cathy Jean...I have had them several years, but just never stitched them. When my husband & I were in the LNS a couple months ago, he picked them out....he said "these look like something you would stitch". I laughed & told him I had them at home....so....I got started on them soon after.
He has had the frames done a couple weeks. I finished the 4th animal on Friday. We got them matted & laced over the weekend. After supper tonight, he went down to his shop & cut the buttons for me!!!
I posted the deer & squirrel already, but the sheep is finish # 23 and the bunny is finish #24.
I am now working on several different things. I have pulled the LHN June monthly back out....need to finish it soon. I am also working on the newest SAL from Novalee2. I am enjoying it so far.
Have a wonderful week......I think spring may actually be here in our part of the country!!!

Mother's Day Memories

Until I can post some stitching pictures, I am going to let some pictures do the talking for me....
I have finished my four little animals & they are framed, but we need to do one more special detail on the frames!!!! Enjoy the memories of Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

If it would ever warm up & the sun would shine......

these flowers would be gorgeous......but as it is...it is so cold, the magnolia's are brown from being cold shocked....the lilacs are very slow in coming out, the redbuds are oh so very close to opening....just a few days of sunshine & warmth is all it would take.....am I asking too much????? It is May for heaven's sake!! I am normally in the middle of getting garden plants, sprucing up the yard, etc......it has just been too cold & rainy.....it is 8:45 am right now & still only 45 degrees....cold enough for the furnace, but there is NO WAY I am turning it on!!!
I am attaching the pictures I just took this am......froze doing it, but I had to get out of the house for a few minutes!!