Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Make Over

Every Saturday this month, the local Ace Hardware has been giving away free quarts of paint. I was not able to get in there the first two Saturdays, but I was this week. I figured I could repaint the bottom portion of my craft room walls with a quart. So, I pulled out my trusty DMC boxes & picked the floss that closest matched the matting on a picture I have hung in there. The color is also in the border at the top of the walls.
So, off to Ace I went on Sat. morning!!! I got my free quart of paint! I had other things that had to be done on Sat., but by evening, I had everything out of  the room or pushed to the center.
After church yesterday, I fixed lunch & then it was time to paint!!!!! I got real worried after the first coat.....I could see the old color showing thru in a lot of places & I didn't have a lot of paint left. I thought sure my "free" makeover was going to end up costing me some money....but, thankfully, there was JUST ENOUGH.....I have a tiny bit left in the can, to do touch up spots!!
I am real pleased with the new look. The white furniture just pops against the color.
I didn't get a lot of stitching done between doing that & the gorgeous weather we have been having. We took a walk on Friday night....hubby needed to start slow, so we didn't do our whole road. (that would be just over 2 miles round trip) Sat. night, we walked again & did the whole road....yeah, over 2 miles! Then, last night, we went to a local walking trail. It is 4 miles!!!!!! That is wonderful for a Sunday...I don't usually get much Sunday exercise!


another after shot

yet another after!!!
Have a great week & I hope your weather is as wonderful as ours!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

New Project Started, Three Finishes!

First of all, THIS WEATHER IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! We have had spring like weather this week & it has been wonderful....I have gotten outside as I can, but it has been limited. I am caring for a newborn for a short term time & I just do not feel right taking a newborn outside too much.
Ok, onto stitching. First up is Lizzie Kate 'Plant Love'. I had stitched this before for an exchange or something...I can't remember now. But.....I had kitted it up to do again for myself. I was searching for an LK pattern last week, I found it & decided to do it. It is stitched on an old ornament cut from Sassys Fabbys. It is 16 ct. aida...caribbean green.
Next up, a little bonnet. I had purchased many of the bonnets for girls & baseball style hats for boys several years ago, on clearance. I 'finished off' the baseball hats when our grandsons were born, but I still had 2 of the little bonnets. So, I decided the little girl I am keeping needed a spring bonnet. She wears lots of pinks & purples, so the colors in this were perfect...she looks so adorable in it....sorry, you only get to see the hat!!
Last finish to show is another LK...this time, it is from the dessert boxers...ICE CREAM!!! I am going to stitch all 4 of these, but I had to start with ice cream, since it is my weakness of desserts. I got 3 of the 4 kits on clearance at I was able to get the chart for the 4th one from an online friend, so I just ordered the fabric for it from HOS as well.
Lastly, the cross stitch kit I am working on from . This is progress after about 2 days. It is going real well & I am going back to working on it today. It has been a pleasant stitch thus far! Be sure to check the links! She has some great kits can bet I will be keeping my eyes open if this project continues as great as it has started.
Plant Love by Lizzie Kate, from an old issue of the Gift of Stitching

Baby Girl Bonnet

Lizzie Kate Ice Cream

Winter Sunset Cottage WIP
Ok, I better keep moving little one will be here shortly. Have a wonderful SPRING LIKE weekend....enjoy your time & your stitches!!! Thanks for visiting & for commenting......keeps me encouraged to keep on stitching!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Lizzie Kate Summer Alphabet

I told myself I was going to finish this today & I did!!!! When I picked it up last Friday, I had the three top rows left to do. So, I did 15 blocks this week.
To refresh those of you who read regularly, this is the piece I rescued from a sale...the bottom row & a little of the next row was stitched when I got it.
It is stitched on 40 ct. linen. I have only stitched on linen once or twice before & NEVER on 40 ct. You know what thou......???? For the most part, I really enjoyed this!! I liked that it only used one strand of floss & the coverage is great.
I now have an empty container, so the kit that I reviewed a few weeks ago will go in it. I will be starting it real soon!
I hope everyone is safe tonight......there is some crazy weather going on. Prayers to the families in Southern Indiana....last I heard there were 8 tornado related deaths so far.