Friday, April 20, 2012

Pie Anyone?

Well, now that life is getting somewhat back to normal at our house, I had some stitching time. I knew the pie wouldn't take long to finish, so I set my goal for sometime yesterday. Had the weather not been absolutely gorgeous, I would have had this done early afternoon. But.....since the weatherman said "come outside & play", I went out & mowed our yard. I have to tell you...we do not have a small yard to mow, we have a big yard...we mow about an acre & a half. Last time, I helped mow, by using the push mower. I learned my lesson, because that is what really aggravated my foot injury. Lesson learned...the hard way! So, I used the rider yesterday & let my foot heal more.
Last evening, I sat down with my pie piece & finish it I did. I love how these are turning out. I have now stitched the Ice Cream piece & the Pie piece. I still have the Cupcake & the Candy to do. I am going to have my husband makes cute little frames for them & paint them in bright colors, to match the pieces.
I pulled the Winter Sunset piece out this am, but not sure I will work on it or pull a different WIP out....suffering a slight headache, so might not stitch for a little while yet!
Thanks for popping in....leave a comment! I love to see them. Have a wonderful weekend, filled with what ever it is  you enjoy....besides stitching of course!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time keeps on ticking, ticking away!

Wow! It has been nearly a month since my last update. Where has the time gone??? I have been so busy.
It is a rare day that I do not do at least a little bit of stitching. But, until last night, I had not stitched in nearly 2 weeks.
Recapping! At the end of March, we went down to see our son, DIL, and the boys. We were only gone for 4 days, but......
we brought two of the boys back with us!!!! We kept one, DIL's parents kept one, and mommy & daddy had one. We were doing operation potty training. None of the 3 totally accomplished it, but progress was made. Honestly, they weren't quite ready, but they now have the concept down, so hopefully, they get trained soon.
I finished caring for the newborn the day before Good Friday. That week, I had both her & our grandson. My normal babysitting boy was on spring break.
Last week, I had my grandson & the babysitting boy. This week, it is just the little guy I babysit.
On top of all of the kiddo care, I also had a side job I was doing. I was able to finish it yesterday afternoon, so I am mailing the stuff out today.
Before my NON STITCHING time, I did work on the cross stitch kit from:  I hae attached the picture here.
I also started the LK boxer called Pie on our way down to our sons house. I didn't get time to stitch while down there......too much fun with the boys!
I picked it up again last night, for the first felt so good to sit & stitch.....
We have a lot going on health wise also. I am still dealing with foot issues, from my slip back in November. I  have been fitted for orthodics...they MAY be in when I go back for my appointment tomorrow. Also, my husband has been dealing with a lot of  pain...the doctor first thought his carpal tunnel had come back, but after seeing the surgeon, he feels it is more in the neck/shoulder areas. So, he has an MRI scheduled to see what is going on.

well, I don't have a lot of time, so that is the condensed version of the past several weeks. Please, feel free to leave comments.....I miss my online friends!!!!