Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lizzie Kate/Sweet Treats/Completed!!!!

I finished the fourth & final piece from the Lizzie Kate Sweet Treats collection last night.  I enjoyed stitching each of these but I do admit, by the fourth one, I was ready to move onto something different. I think the cupcake was my favorite of the four to do. I will post all of the pictures again on this post, so you can see all of them. Now, for my husband to do the framing...when I finished the candy last night, he said, another frame for me to make huh? I told him that all 4 are done now, so he has 4 frames to make. Wow, just added the pictures..would you believe they are all done on the same fabric? You can sure tell the lighting was different with each one!
We had a very long time of having at least one of our grandsons here. We brought two of them home with us at the very beginning of April. We kept one, the other grandparents kept one & one was at home with mommy & daddy. Daddy then left for training, so mommy came north for 2 weeks. (it had been 2 weeks at this point already) She kept all 3 of them at her parents house, but they visited over here often during that time. Then, when she was ready to go home, our son still had 2 weeks of training left. Her parents offered to keep one, so we said we would keep one too, since someone would have to make the trip anyway. So, we had a different one for almost 3 weeks, until daddy came to get them.
Last week, I played catch up around here. I got so far behind on a lot of things, plus, we needed to get our garden put in. "J" had helped me plant all of the different pepper plants, but we still had tomato plants and all of the seeds.
I am starting a freebie that I found online last week next. Funny story to go along with this piece!!! I had my parents pick up a new chart at my favorite LNS : They always put a freebie in your bag for you to enjoy. When my dad handed me the bag, he said they chose this freebie for me, because they KNEW I would love was the same one I had found online last week. Does my LNS know me or what?!!?
Ok, I better keep moving here....we are having our small group here for a cookout tonight. This will be our last meeting until school resumes in the fall. I am looking forward to a break all the way around...I finished my babysitting yesterday, until school starts.

have  a great rest of the week!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Very Little Stitching Time

wow, where is May going? Here we are, the 16th already.
I have had very little stitching time since the beginning of March. I am hoping that changes very lets out soon, so I will not be babysitting in the summer.
Also, our son is home again, so we won't have any of the grandkids for a while...
My limited stitching time has been on a Mail Art piece, which I received word last night, was received.
I can now show pictures of it!
I love doing mailart....I love the expressions/comments I get when I take them to the Post Office & say I want it mailed like it is....
I have ideas for several more that I would like to do.....
IN MY FREE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
back of mailart...I use invisible thread to 'seal' it!

front of mailart
I hope you all are having a great week.....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1st Already???

where has the year gone? I cannot believe it is already the first of May....
The college our son graduated from in Dec. has already had their spring graduation.
The public schools will be out at the end of this month or soon after.
The weather is starting (for the second time) to warm back up.
BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: The HUMMINGBIRDS are BACK!!!!! I was sitting in my rocker earlier & there they were!!!! Taking a very long drink. I told the little guy that I babysit for that they must have just arrived from their long journey & were very thirsty.
Onto stitching. I have two pieces to show updates on today.
The first is my Winter Sunset Cottage piece. I am loving working on this & I sure wish I had more stitching time....but, I guess life does have other obligations, besides stitching!!!
The second is a finish!! I have finished the 3rd of 4 of this series......the only one left is the Candy...I will work on it soon.

I hope you are all having a great week....thanks for stopping by & for the kind comments.....they are all read & appreciated.