Wednesday, January 30, 2013

February Word Play

I finished this on Monday, but my time is so very, very limited on Monday & Tues. that I did not get a chance to update my blog. I have both boys that I babysit for on those days & I have to take the older one to preschool & anyone who hauls kids around knows that taking a preschooler & a young toddler takes a lot of time!

February Word Play

January Word Play
February's word play took me longer to stitch than January's did. I think part of it was because I enjoyed the snowman on January so much that I just kept stitching. I also wasn't caring for a young toddler when I stitched that one! I have included my January finish so that you can be refreshed on how it looks!
I have now started a pattern I got quite a while ago. I am not sure why I didn't start it immediately! I love it already!
Ok, a question for fellow bloggers!!! I used to be a ONE project at a time person. I then upped it to two or three at a time. Somehow, one year, I went over board & started way too many. I am not one to NOT finish what I start, but this is where I need your help!!!!! How do you regain interest in your older starts when there are so many new projects screaming START ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did some real organizing over the weekend. I got a couple AWESOME bags from Thirty-One. I thought....perfect! I purchased a couple packages of large envelopes. I then found all of my patterns that I had either partially kitted up or fully kitted up & placed them in the envelopes & then labeled the top with the design & the designer. So now, all of these projects that are screaming DO ME are very organized. I wish my WIP containers would fit in this bag, but they are too large. Oh well! I just need to get them done!!!!
Wishing everyone a great week. Hope the weather where you are is treating you nice! Ours has been quite crazy!
Edited: I forgot to mention.....I am willing to sell these patterns as I finish them. So, I now have January & February available for sale. I would like $4.50 for the pattern & I believe shipping in the US would be about $1.50, so $6.00 each in the US. Out of US, I would adjust shipping accordingly!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January Ornament Finished

I was able to stitch a good portion of the afternoon today & I was able to finish the stitching of my January ornament. This evening, I did the finishing work. I am real happy with how this one turned out.
It is a Pickle Barrel Design called Christmas Eve. It was in the JCS ornament issue this past year. I used Earthen 32 ct. lugana from Picture this Plus. I used 2 of the recommended flosses & subbed the third.
I tried to do the finishing very similar to how they showed it in the magazine.
Next February Word Play, so that it is ready to hang in a couple weeks! Thanks for stopping by & visiting my blog. I appreciate each & every one of you!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Catch-Up!

We knew we weren't going to get to see the boys for Christmas, so grandma didn't stress to get their ornaments done on time.
I had finally got caught up on other obligations, so Friday, I sat down to start the boys ornaments! I have stitched an ornament for each of them each year since they were born, so this makes 4 each.
I purchased this pattern leaflet a while back, knowing they would be perfect for the boys.....three ornaments on the cover!
I finished the first of three Sat. am, very very early. I then finished the second & third thru out the day. This afternoon, I sat down to do the finish work. I wanted something simple, & this seemed the best route to take.
I also have stitched 2 models so far this year, so I have FIVE finishes already! I will show the models, after they are published!!!
Now, it is time to do the ornament for the month of January for myself. I have it picked is just a matter of gathering the supplies & getting started :)
I haven't posted any Elmo pictures lately, so I think it is time for one of them also! We are enjoying 'our boy' so much. He is such a good dog!
Ornaments for our Grandsons!

our Elmo!
Wishing you all a great week! Keep stitching!