Monday, May 13, 2013

Two Finishes!

I finished my April Word Play last week sometime, but didn't post it. I got busy right away on my Great is Thy Faithfulness. I finished it yesterday afternoon! So, I am showing my two latest finishes today. I also have pulled out a very long time ago start......I am guessing maybe over 4 years ago?!?!!? I don't know why I put it away & basically forgot about it?!?!! But, alas, it is out now & I will work on it as I can for a while.
Things have been extremely busy around here. About 3 weeks ago, our basement flooded. The entire basement had water in it. We had to have professionals come in & do the work. We are so thankful we are early risers.....had we not gotten up as early as we do, the water would have risen up to the woodwork & the drywall. SO THANKFUL!!!!!! We are still working on getting everything put back where it belongs. I have taken probably 8 boxes of books to the local drop off books site. They are probably loving me!!
We are planning to paint our sons old room up here & make it the guest room. (it was in the basement) Figure while the place is tore apart, might as well make some more mess!!!! I picked two Disney Paints at Walmart & now we just need time to do it!
have a great week.......praying it warms up here...the weekend was COLD!!!!
April Word Play

Great is Thy Faithfulness