Thursday, October 17, 2013

"In Memory" Mouse finished

If you read my last post, you read that my brother passed away & I was finishing one of his unfinished pieces.
I finished the little mouse last night. It turned out cute & this is one of those pieces that needed the backstitching to make it happen! It was just a blob without it!
I learned something about Wayne as I worked on this piece. He & I stitched differently! He did his X's one way, and I a different way. I don't know if there truly is a right way & a wrong way to stitch, just different! My mom wants this piece, so I told her this. She said it will be will show that both of us worked on it, our way!
My nephew has also found all of Wayne's "Kinkaide/Disney" kits. He had purchased a bunch of them, but the only one started was the Pinocchio. My dad has asked to keep the Snow White & Lion King & I get the rest of them. ( Too funny, but I already own the 2 he asked to keep!!!)
Today, I will start on a fun fall freebie I found.
Last Sat, we, along with my parents & my sister & her family went to a state park that we all love. Oh my!!!!! The colors are really just starting, but it was gorgeous!!  The weather was perfect for a day in the outdoors. I will attach a couple of my favorite pictures....... One is the wooly bears the kids made at the nature center!
Wayne's field mouse was NOT sideways when I added it!

wooly bear the kids made

double cattail

thistle....not sure what they are called!

love how this leaf landed!!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

A finish & an IN MEMORY piece...

I had hoped to finish my October Word Play before the start of October, but life got in the way......or in this case....death.
My brother (who was a stitcher also) passed away unexpectedly on Sept 25th. My parents & brother have been going thru things & mom & dad have been going thru the stitching items. They found this little mouse, partially stitched & asked if I would finish it. I said I sure would.
Wayne also had started the Kinkaide/Disney piece of Pinnochio. He had 2 of 6 pages done, the last I knew of. (I am attaching a picture...this is the last one I saw) I am also attaching two pictures of the mouse.......before I start on it! Stitchers, this is a good reason WHY we take our pieces out of the hoops or Q snaps each & every day. I am showing the piece before I pressed it & then after I pressed it. You can see that I couldn't get all of the hoop marks out. I hope over time, I can get it.
I have also attached my finished Oct. piece. I had hoped to start a new 'series' of pieces, but the mouse will be first & foremost on the list.
Enjoy the beautiful fall weather. This is my favorite time of year....
October Word Play



Pinnochio, so far