Monday, July 7, 2014


Happy July........
July is one of my favorite months for several reasons. I cannot believe we are already a week into July. This summer is flying by faster than ever.
SO MUCH has happened since my last post in March. I won't bore you with everything, but I must update on a few things.
We lost my sweet mom mid June. Her heart just finally gave up. She suffered three mini strokes in May. We almost lost her at that time. She went home after a long hospital stay just a couple days after Mother's Day. She spent her last month hooked up to oxygen, sitting in her chair most of the time. She is now pain free. (she had lived with rhumatoid (sp) arthritis for nearly 50 years.
Before she had her last set back, mom was almost finished with a cross stitch project. When we went up to plan her celebration of life service, my dad asked if I would finish the project. I said I sure would. Well, at her viewing, he asked if I could have it finished for the service the next day. I said I thought I could. You DO NOT challenge me in that way. If it is at all possible, I will make it happen. And, I did! I put the last few stitches in it, on the way up there that day. Dad laid the piece beside mom in her casket. After the service was over, he walked over & got it out & handed it to me. He said he wanted me to have it. So, I am waiting for my framer (my husband!!!) to make a frame for it.
As far as my own stitching, I have been working on the frosty friends series. I have just finished the 3rd block & decided I needed a break from all of the white.
I do not have a picture yet, but I am working on a My Big Toe piece that I started a while back.
I am going to keep this short because I need to get moving. I hope you all have a wonderful day & week!
Frosty Friends WIP

Mom's Coffee Sampler