Thursday, October 18, 2012

Give Thanks

I had a small Stitch-In here at my house a couple weeks ago. (two weeks this Sat) I decided to start a new piece that day, instead of try to work on one of my larger WIP pieces.
I had seen this one stitched by someone on the 123 message board & decided it would be a good one to do! So, first I pulled all of the flosses and then I switched out the 3 pumpkin colors for my Victorian Motto Sampler flosses. The rest are the called for colors. I used a piece of potato lugana that I had on hand.
The pattern is called Give Thanks & it is an older pattern by Katidid.
I love how this turned out & I want my husband to make a frame for it & then I will decide how to finish the frame.
relaxed Elmo (sorry...taken with my phone!)
Elmo is doing fantastic. Who would believe the differences between he & Dudley. Oh my!!!! We loved Dudley, but we are so much more comfortable with Elmo. He is a delight to have in the home & we are so thankful we found him. He has renewed our hope in rescue dogs!!!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Meet Elmo

We have a new furry friend in our home.
As my regular readers know, we had a new dog named Dudley....well, he did not work out....we gave it our best effort, but...
every single person who walked in here had to be scared for their lives. He tried to bite almost everyone. It started out, just men were his targets but the longer we had him, he started turning on women as well. I was the only person he seemed to like.
So, we made arrangements with the rescue we got him from to take him back. We told them the history of the three months that we had him. The foster mom assured us he would be assessed before they would relist him. We returned him on Monday night. By Friday night, he had been relisted. We are not happy. They are using this aggressive dog as a money making project....ok, that is our words, but it sure seems that way!!!!
Anyway, I started searching again. I found several that interested me, but this one stood out the most. I showed my husband the picture & he thought he looked like a good one too!
We made arrangements to go meet him yesterday. The lady had called while we were on the way down. He had somehow hurt his nose & she was worried that would bother us. I said we were half way there, we would continue to come. She felt so bad about it, she reduced his adoption price, incase I have to take him to the vet. I think it is healing well already..
Anyway, we knew almost immediately that he was a good fit. He LOVES my husband...that is a huge plus...he loved taking a walk with us...that is huge! He was very good with all the people around their house. neighbor kids, neighbor teen boys, her one year old boy, etc...
We said we would take him! He has done SUPER!!!! He fits right in....we are certain he is a keeper!
I guess I haven't said his name, other than in the post title. His name is Elmo & we are going to keep that his name. She said when they brought him into their rescue, her baby had just learned the word Elmo, so that is what they named him.
You can see his boo-boo in the pictures, but the scab is already gone, so he is healing up.
Sitting Elmo

Smiling Elmo
I am working on 2 projects, but really haven't done enough on one to show it & I want to finish the other before posting a picture.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mr. Winston came for a Visit

and now he is heading home.
Thank you so much to Carol of Stitching Dreams for loaning me her Mr. Winston chart. I fell in love with him when she stitched him. She offered to let me borrow her pattern & I said PLEASE!
I tried to stitch him up as quickly as I could.....I do not like holding onto other people's possessions for a long time.
I really enjoyed stitching this guy...he is just too cute. I used the called for flosses, except for his coat. That one is a floss from Victorian Motto Sampler.
I am attaching an extra picture........I took Mr. Winston outside to try to get a good picture of him & the fabric he is done on....and what did I see where I took the picture?!?!!?
Mr. Winston, close up

Mr. Winston loves my mums!

See anything in this picture?
Have a great week & happy stitching!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Word Play frame finished!

My husband just brought my finished frame upstairs for me! I came up with this idea for the "With thy Needle & Thread"  Word Play pieces a long time most projects around our house, it had to ripen a while. I finished the January piece a while back. He has gotten back into the frame making, so I said this one needed to be done fairly soon, as I want to display it starting in January. I am going to stitch each month's piece the month before. So, I will be doing February in January & so on.
This little calendar came in the mail & it is perfect with the frame & pieces. I told him if he keeps it up, he will pass me....I will have to stitch faster so he has something to frame......(um...don't let me kid you.....I have over 100 pieces finished, in a box!)
Thanks for checking out my blog & for your kind comments. They are always so appreciated!