Monday, September 16, 2013

A Finish & An Answer!

Good morning! I do believe this has to be a first!!! I started & finished this piece in just a few days. Then, my husband only waited a couple days (until the weekend) to make the frame. So, the piece was stitched, framed & hung on the wall all within a weeks time.!!!
I had stitched the other three pieces last fall, but we didn't get them framed until a few weeks ago. As I went to hang them where I wanted them, I told him I had to do a 4th one. He said to just put  a small shelf or something on the 4th peg. I wasn't happy with that, so off to stitch the 4th one I went. Thankfully, I found the matching fabric & he found the matching wood for the frame.
That tells about the finish part of my title! The Answer part is referring to Bronson. I would not rest well until I went out & visited him & found out for sure what I thought. So, the little guy that I babysit for & myself went out one day. We got there soon after they opened that day. I waited & waited for someone to assist us. Finally, a lady came out & asked if she could help us. I said I would like to look at a dog. She asked which one...I told her Bronson. She told me that he has been adopted, but was still there, so we could look at him if we wanted. I said sure, I would love to see him & also look at the others who were there.
We went back & went to the big dog room first. We walked down the aisle & I spotted Bronson. He was all scrunched up in the front corner of his kennel like a scared rabbit. As we got closer, he got up, went to the back of his kennel & proceeded to growl & bark at us. I don't know if he was growling & barking at me or the little boy, but I KNEW then that there was no way, even had he NOT been adopted already. He had too many similarities to Dudley.....if you remember him!!! I could not have adopted this dog & felt good about it.
So, we wait again. When the right dog comes along, we will get another, otherwise, we will be very content & happy with Mo.
have a great week! Enjoy this beautiful time of year!
new finish

the grouping all together

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Getting Slow!

Boy! I am getting slow!!! I finished my Supercali....piece last Thurs. I am just now posting a picture of it!?!?! Where does the time go?
They say once your kids leave home, time goes faster & faster. I believe it. Sometimes I wonder 'how did I keep up' when they were home? We seem to be so busy sometimes! Other times, I feel like I am home alone all of the time!
Anyway, I finished the stitching part of this piece last week. I had set 4 goals for myself for the end of August. I was to finish stitching this piece....check! I was to finish the book that I was reading....check! I was to finish the current 'tour' of the island on my Walk it Out game....check & I was to submit at least $200.00 in party sales for my THIRTY-ONE business....check! I met each goal that I set for myself!!! yeah!!!
I plan to make this piece into a pillow for the guest bedroom. I haven't gotten a bedspread yet, but I am planning on a white one, since the walls are so bright! We got some grey drapes that match the carpet real well & look good in there.
I have been checking our local animal shelter, the rescue sites, etc....for a second dog. I think Elmo (Mo as we call him) would really enjoy having a playmate. I found one over the weekend that really caught my eye, but oh my! Why do I keep finding bigger dogs??? Spyro was a whopping 12 lbs. most of his life. We got Dudley after that & he was about 22 lbs. That was a big dog! He didn't work out...we tried hard for over 2 months. So, we then found Elmo...Mo...we have had him almost a year. Well, he is a solid 33 lbs. NOW.......this one I have been looking at is much bigger. I haven't seen him in person, so I don't really know how big he is, but he is a labradoodle, so he will be big!!!This is a picture of him, at the shelter. He looks skinny......needs some meat on his bones! There is something about that face that gets me!!! Time will tell if I go look at him or not. I did send them an email last night, asking questions!!!
Have a great day!