Wednesday, August 31, 2011

is it blogger or my computer?

I finished an ornament today & was updating the ornament blog. I was able to publish the 'words' part via both firefox & internet explorer. But, when it comes to the picture, I have issues with both of them. Firefox just sits & 'works' & never gets the picture uploaded. IE gets the picture uploaded, but then when I hit publish, it sits there like it is frozen. So, I wasn't able to post the picture.
I am going to try to humor myself & try to add it to this post. If the picture works, I will update later with what it is!!!
EDITED: Thurs. am...........I switched to the new setting that BLOGGER had at the top of the dashboard page & it worked that way. So...I present to you.......J ornament. I will detail it in my Monday post, but this is a preview for you!!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Northwind SAL--Week TWO

Shari's SAL Week 2
LK ABC Lessons
Rose's SAL week 2
Angela's SAL week 2
Denise's SAL Week 2

Hi everyone! Wow, what a busy, crazy week last week was....
I told my husband that I cannot even begin to imagine having to have a job outside the home. I was gone so much with running the little guy to preschool, hauling stuff to our son at his new place, normal stuff...whew!!! No time for at home work...
I am so happy to be doing this SAL with Angela, Denise & Rose. It is so fun to watch the progress, read the comments we tell each other as we send our pictures to the others, etc...
I worked on my SAL two days, like we all agreed upon. On the other days, when I had a free moment, I worked on the LK ABC Lessons. As you can tell, I devoted the days I was at home to the SAL piece & worked on the LK on the busier days!
Thanks for visiting my blog & I look forward to seeing your comments. Have a super week!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Northwind SAL--Week One

LK ABC Lessons

Rose's SAL Piece

Denise's SAL Piece

Shari's SAL Piece

This is so fun! There are 4 of us doing this pattern as a SAL. We started last Monday. We are to stitch 2 days per week on it. I chose Monday & Friday last week. I didn't get a whole lot accomplished on Monday, but made fabulous progress on Friday. I have loved every stitch of this project so far.
Denise (Riverside Stitching) is leading us in this adventure. She made great progress on her piece. She started totally different than I did.
Rose (Christmas City Stitcher) had a very eventful week last week, but still made great progress on her piece..She started at the top like Denise.
Angela (Indomitable Angela) started hers on a piece of linen, but wasn't happy with it, so she is starting over....we will see her progress next week...
On the days I am not stitching on the SAL, I pulled one of my OLD WIP pieces....I will work on this whenever I get the chance.
Today, I had NO stitching time......I had to do the preschool run with the little guy I babysit, but that wasn't the hard part of my day.
We moved our youngest out today....he has one semester left of college & he is working down there, away he went today...this mom is going to be very sad & lonely for a while.....he & I are very close....
Ok, nearly bedtime!!! Have a great week!!!
edited Tues. am.....blogger wouldn't do pictures last night!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

15 Crazy Challenges FINISHED!!!

Why did I save the one I did until last???? This was probably my least favorite of the 15 projects. It seemed to take me forever to stitch. I had planned to have it done last Friday, so that it was done before the stash sale...well, that didn't happen. I then thought over the weekend...nope, didn't happen. I just put the last stitches in it a few minutes ago. (please excuse the picture.....I had to use my phone this time!) This is finish #35 for the year.
In partial defense for myself, I did start a SAL project on Monday, so I didn't touch this one at all that day. I can't show that piece yet, but I will soon!
I am also attaching a bunch of finishes that other people did! One is a birth sampler that my brother stitched for his first grandchild. The rest belong to Debra at Debra's All About Me...
These people did the stitching & Duane made the frames for them.
Have a great rest of the week & weekend as well...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Frames Anyone????!!!!!

My husband was a busy little beaver this past week.
Yesterday, the LNS in my home town.....HOUSE OF STITCHES in LaPorte IN had a Midwest Stash Exchange sale. For a $20.00 donation, you were able to rent a booth space to sell your stash. The total donation went to Riley's Children's Hospital, Indianapolis, IN. Any money made in your booth, was yours to keep.
So, since he does such nice frames for me & for others who buy from him, I asked him to make frames for my table to sell. So, each night after work, he went down stairs & worked in the workshop. He had 8 frames to sell yesterday. He only sold one of them, but honestly, I do not think a whole lot of people were buying a whole lot of stuff...we were THRILLED that one sold & that we made quite a bit of money between his one frame & all of the patterns that I sold.
I thought I would 'show off' some of the frames here. I put beside them my frames with what they were made for in them. The LHN piece is just sat behind that frame, because it was one for sale, but it may very well become mine, if no one asks about purchasing it!!! The frame with no stitching is one he made for me as a test...he isn't sure he is happy with it....thoughts?!?!!
I am nearing completion of my last Crazy Challenge piece, but I was very busy this past week getting my things ready for the sale & helping with frames in the evenings.
Tomorrow, I am starting a SAL with 3 other blogging friends....I was hoping to have the challenge piece done before then, but unless I stitch like lightening tonight, it won't be happening.
Have a super week everyone!!!!
I was told I should put prices for you to frame that I show the Sept piece in is cherry wood with cherry stain. It holds a 6 by 6 piece....they are $10.00
The frame that shows the May piece...the for sale frame is Oak with Oak above, holds a 6 by 6 piece & is $10.00.
The green frames fit a small piece..not sure of the size, but my piece is a Victorian Sampler (Cathy Jean) piece...these frames are $8.00 each.
The bulletin board type fits the small Lizzie Kate flip it's great. This one is $15.00.
The other one is/was a test, so at this time, he doesn't have a price on it.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One Down, One to Go!

I finished # 14 of #15 last night!!! Just one more and I will have met the Crazy January challenge...By the way, I haven't even there a blog for these?? I have totally forgotten!
I really enjoyed this piece as well....these past few have been my favorites by far! Maybe because autumn is my favorite time of year?
I am starting a SAL next week with 3 dear online friends. Am I nuts? Well, yes! I guess I don't have enough projects going already. But hey, it is obvious that I can finish what I start!!!!
I forgot to mention, this is finish #34 for the year.
When we were in Amish Country a couple weeks ago, I bought a jar of jam that looked wonderful. It was called "traffic jam". I thought it had a cute name, for a jam that looked very tasty.....I was NOT disappointed!!! When I made my raspberry pie crust last week, I had extra scraps of crust. I always bake them up & eat them with grape jelly on them. Well, this time, I decided to try the jam on them...oh my!!!! At that point, I KNEW I had to find a recipe for it. Try finding TRAFFIC JAM in an online search! HA!!!! So, I improvised! I looked at the ingredients listed on the jar....easy enough.....I bought some powdered pectin & all of the necessary fruits & away I went!!!!! I spent Friday morning making jam. I got 28 half pint jars of this lovely, scrumptious jam..... and gee, silly me didn't take any pictures....
The name of this jam has my mind thinking.....what other types could I come up with???? I also saw TOE Jam listed, FROG Jam......hum...we shall see!!
Thanks for stopping by... it is such a pleasure to see happy comments!! Have a great week!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Closing in on the End

of a couple different things!!!
If you follow my ticker at the top of my blog, you will see that I am under 100 miles from my 'walking to Branson' journey. It has been fun to see how long it takes to walk that far. I started the ticker right before Christmas. I already have a destination in my mind for when I finish this one. It has been so much fun, I am going to do another destination....anyone have any ideas where it might be to??
Another almost there is my Crazy Challenge Finishes. I just finished #13 of 15 this morning. It is the October LHN monthly sampler. I think this one is my very favorite so far....I love the colors, I love the pumpkin, I love the bird!!! So much to love with it.
I made a raspberry cream pie yesterday. I baked the crust from scratch, I made the vanilla cream from scratch, I used a tube of raspberry filling that I bought & topped it with Cool Whip. Next time I make it, I will make my own pie filling & my own 'cool whip.' It was very good thou....I made it for my mom & aunt who came to visit yesterday. Tonight, we have company coming for supper, so I made Mint Choc. Chip Ice Cream this afternoon.....
You can see why I walk so much!! I would be a blimp if I didn't!!!
Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate each & everyone of you so much. Thank you to all of my new commentors......I DO NOTICE!!!!