Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jingle, Sparkle, Joy

What a fun stitch & finish!!!! I saw this freebie the other day & loved it. I then saw it stitched on Mylene's blog & knew I had to do it. I started it yesterday while babysitting, but couldn't stitch last night. So, I finished it today. I just now finished the 'finishing' of it. I even used my crop-a-dile. I am so pleased with that handy dandy tool. Thanks for the head's up Meari!
I found the freebie on this blog:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Warm Winter Wishes is finished!

And just in time I do believe. We had a few flurries in the air this morning. Only a couple, but enough to say, "yup, that is white stuff, not rain".
I finished Warm Winter Wishes last evening, but was too busy to update my blog. So, now I have a little time before needing to get busy again, so here I am.
I should have listed what fabric I used in the WIP update. So many of you asked about the fabric. I love this color & it was perfect for a wintery scene. It is called Lavendar Temptation & it is a FLAIR from Enchanted Fabrics.
I really like how this piece turned out. I want to have my husband make a frame for it & I want to paint it like the frame on the pattern picture. (it is a Waxing Moon pattern by the way)
Thank you so much for visiting & your kind comments!!! I saw some new names, some long lost names & some faithful followers!!!! Thanks one & all & have a great week!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Warm Winter Wishes

I started this project on Friday morning. I have seen it in progress on Julies blog & knew I had to get mine out & get started. I just love this little guy. I am ready to build his fire now, but I wanted to get my blog updated before I got too tired for the night.
I am real happy with how he is turning out. I am using the called for colors, but boy, they sure look different than the cover picture on the pattern!
Thanks so much for stopping by & for those of you who leave comments, extra thanks! It is nice to know who takes a look!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finally a Finish!!!!!!

Ok, maybe life will slow down now. I finally was able to finish the Neighborhood RR piece for Karen. I ran out of one of the flosses yesterday. We have ONE place in town that sells floss. So, away I went. I paid 69 cents plus tax for the silly skein of floss, but I had to have it!!
I just finished a few minutes ago! I hope Karen likes the addition to her neighborhood!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Enjoying the beauty of nature

WOW! Breathtaking!!! That is how I would describe our visit to the State Park yesterday. The leaves are beautiful. I found a tree that is a MUST GET for our yard!!! Not only does it have 3 different shaped leaves on it, the colors are gorgeous in the fall!!! I am posting a picture of it, among all the pictures. The first trail we walked was 4 1/2 miles. It was great!!! We knew we had time for one more, if it was rather short. We stopped in the nature center to get a drink of water & pick up some literature. One piece I picked up told about a maze in the park. So...that is what we did next!!!!! We walked thru the prairie grasses, looking for 'clues'. There were 8 of them. HOW FUN!!
On the stitching front, I am almost done with Karen's neighborhood house, so stay tuned for a stitched picture. Until then, enjoy God's beauty!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Incredibly Busy Week

Wow, where did the week go?!?! Here it is, Sat. I was so busy this week, I barely got any stitching done. I am working on a RR piece for one of the gals in a group I am in. There are 5 of us doing the aida cloth neighborhoods. I will post a picture after I finish it.
We missed taking our walks on Tues., Wed., and Thurs. because of our busy week. But, we were back out last night & I took more pictures!!! Amazing how the leaves have changed so much in just a few short days.
Tomorrow, look out state park---here we come!!!! One last trip before it gets to nasty to walk the trails. I can't wait!!!! I hope to replace the picture at the top of my blog with one from the same location, only with fall colors!!!
Until then, here are some from "down the road!" If you look real close at the one picture, you will see a deer running across the field. It & another one ran across the road in front of us, but I didn't have the camera ready.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

who are the people(?) in your neighborhood???

We took our nightly walk again last night. I am planning to take my camera every night for a while, as the scenery is just breathtaking this time of year. I also need to remember to take it in my car when I am out & about!
Anyway, last night, I got a lot of neighborhood friends pictures. The cows are my friends! I talk to them each night. A few of them I have named & they know my voice & their names! I also took a few shots of some deer. And lastly, I took a picture of my dog & my adopted kitten.
I also am including some more pretty fall pictures.
Enjoy the beauty!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday evening walk

Hi all,
As we headed out for our evening walk last night, I saw a hot air balloon coming our direction. So, I grabbed my camera. I thought I might get a few nice shots. Well, it never came near enough for pictures, but I did take a bunch of the beautiful fall scenery. So, I am going to share some of them with you here. We walk a little over a mile each way, down to the end of the road. You can see, we live out in the boonies, but I LOVE IT!!!!!! Enjoy my views along with me! (edited late Monday afternoon to add the combine picture. This was right out my back door!!!!)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fast Friday Stitch!!!

After finishing my October ornament on Friday, I wanted to work on something simple. Well, the Quaker Boo was just the thing to do. Quaker Boo is part of a freebie by Tanya of the Sampler Girl. I used Victorian Motto Sampler floss. Nancy has the prettiest colors!!!!
I started it on Friday late afternoon & finished it on Friday night. I didn't have time to touch it yesterday, but this afternoon, I set out to 'finish' it! I got out my handy dandy new Crop-a-Dile. THANKS FOR THE HEAD'S UP MEARI!!!!! I was anxious to see how it worked. Oh my goodness!!! I am in love!!! This tool is great for this purpose!!!
Many have asked how my book sale adventure went with DH yesterday. We got there as the doors opened at 9 am. At 11:45, we were leaving. We still had not seen all they had available, but we really did have more to do yesterday, than look at books!!! Between the 2 of us, we got 3 bags, crammed full to overflowing. I even found a stack of cross stitch leaflets. We were both thrilled with our bags!!! We have 'just a few' books to read now!
Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate each & every one of you!!!! Have a wonderful week!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

2nd post of the day! This time stitching related!

Hi, me again!!!!
I said in my earlier post to stay tuned for a finish today & I am here to proudly say, I have finished my Oct. ornament. It took so much longer than I expected but I LOVE how it turned out!!! Such a pretty design & colors!!!
It is Little House Needleworks Snow Bunnies from the 2007 Ornament issue. I did it on 32 ct. rue green evenweave (jobelan, I think)
Thanks so much for looking, for commenting!!!! I appreciate you so much!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!! Enjoy the beauty of fall!!!

Booksale Bargains!!!

Woohoo!! We have a local used bookstore that is closing their doors. Well, not woohoo about that, BUT....closing doors means bargains & that is my middle name. The lady I babysit for told me about it, or I would have never known. The sale is..anything you can fit in a paper grocery sack for 5.00. Well, I went in the other day but couldn't be long. I was able to fill a bag pretty quickly, since I found a BUNCH of hardback craft books. (see photo)
The next day, I went back in, again with not much time. But, I had a mission again. I was mainly looking for elem age reading books. A good friend of my son is an el. ed. major. I found a bunch that I think will work. (see photo) These brought back a lot of memories for my husband & I, as we remember either reading these ourselves or reading them to/with our own children. Also, there is a picture of a Flat Stanley book. I was thrilled to find this!!! My kids never did flat selfs, but I have heard lots about them! In fact, one of my online groups just had a retreat. Those of us who could not attend were encouraged to make a 'flat us' & send it along! We were able to attend the retreat that way!! How fun!!!
The other photo is of a bunch of devotional/motivational books that I found. I also got many other books but these are the ones I chose to share with all of you!
Tomorrow is the last day of the sale. My husband & I plan to be there when the doors open & we plan to stay as long as it takes!!! ( he hasn't gotten to go yet!!)
Thanks for looking & STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!
I SHOULD have a stitching update later today!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Busy weekend & a 'finish'

Wow, what a full, busy weekend! We had a friend who was home alone Friday evening, so we invited him over for supper. While he & DH talked, I worked on finishing my Autumn Harvest. I decided on a flatfold, THANKS VONNA!!, and I LOVE how it turned out!!
Sat., DH had to go visit a job site, so I tagged along. It was in the city where our youngest is at college. So, we picked him up for lunch. It was nice to spend that time with him. After lunch, I met with a friend who lives in that city! We met at a yarn shop there. They have a community knit, once a month. So, they were all knitting & I was stitching!!!! It was fun! Anne & I then went for coffee & by then, DH was ready to head home!
Today, my parents came over to see our middle child, before he leaves this week for his next Army assignment. We had a wonderful visit with everyone.
Tomorrow is going to be very quiet.
I didn't get a lot of stitching done. I am working on my ornament for the month of Oct. I am really late this month!!!
Wishing everyone a wonderful week!!!!! Enjoy this beautiful time of year!! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Autumn Harvest

edited: I just noticed the date on my pictures is wrong! I thought it was shut off, but obviously, it is just wrong! Sorry about that!!!!
To answer Missy----No, I don't find the sparkly fabric hard to work on. Now, when I work on sparkly evenweaves, they can sometimes be tricky, but aida is very simple. I have another fall chart that I am going to use the same fabric for!

Woohoo!! It is finished & I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Now, maybe my husband will have time this weekend to make a frame for it, so we can enjoy it yet this autumn!!
When I saw this pattern, Autumn Harvest by Little House Needleworks, I KNEW I had to do it. It says Shari all over it!!!! I had this sparkly aida & knew it was perfect for this pattern!!!!!
I have now started my Oct. ornament. It shouldn't be too difficult. I did finish the 3rd square on my monopoly board, but I didn't take a picture of it.
I hope you have had a great week! It is Friday! Relax & enjoy the weekend & the beautiful weather we have been blessed with!!
thanks for visiting & please stop by again!!!!