Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lizzie Kate ABC Lessons

What a great reminder this piece is to me & can be to all of us. The last words I put in it were "Count Your Blessings". This has such great meaning to me, & was perfect for today.
I haven't said much on my blog, but I just went thru a period of not taking my thyroid meds, so that I could have a test done. This test was for a couple things, but one was the possibility of cancer. I was at peace about it......I just felt there would be no cancer found.
I went to the doctor yesterday for the results of the test.....NO CANCER.....just one of many blessings I am counting today!!!
I loved each X I put in this piece. The chart was given to me by a friend after she stitched it, so it was just the floss...I do not have many specialty flosses, so I subbed most of them with floss I do have. One specialty floss that I have a lot of is Victorian Motto Sampler floss. Many of my substitutions are from these.
I also changed one word in the piece.........I will let you look & try to guess where I made that change....might be something new & fun for on my blog....we have heard of the old TV show, Name That Tune......well, this will be Name that Change!!!
Time to go make some more jam.....everyone who has tasted my Traffic Jam has loved it.....I fear I will run out before winter even hits at the rate it is going...
have a wonderful day......I hope the weather is better in 'your neck of the woods' than it is has rained each &  every day since last Friday........

Monday, September 26, 2011

Northwinds SAL..week 6...Already?

Has it really been six weeks of working on this piece??? Where does the time go? I remember being so excited to start it & then each week I have to put this away now??
It is amazing to me how much can be stitched, if a person just sits still & stitches. Anyone who knows me well, knows I am NOT a good sit still person. Even when not feeling well, I cannot sit still. I have to be up moving, doing all the time.
Three out of 4 of us had weeks this week that did not allow for much stitching. Angela on the other hand caught right up.....
Great job ladies...Like I do each week, I am putting the pictures on in alphabetical order, but how blogger posts them might be a whole nother story!!!!!
I am also showing my LK ABC Lessons. My goal for this piece??? Be done before my Next Monday Update!!!!! We shall see if I can do that or not.......
It is autumn & autumn to me is lots of time in the kitchen, so my stitching becomes a little less of a priority. This past week, I did the peanut butter banana bread which you saw in my last post, the 40 pints of applesauce, I baked an apple pie, I made a huge batch of caramel corn & I made some coffee ice cream for my son to share with friends.
Have a super week & keep those needles flying....




Shari's LK ABC Lessons

Friday, September 23, 2011

Applesauce, Bread & a Rescue

good morning,
oh my! Does it ever smell wonderful in here....I had 3 overripe bananas laying on the counter. I found a new recipe a few weeks ago & tried son & I loved it... We both love toast with peanut butter on it, topped with banana slices. Now, imagine that in a bread! Yes, peanut butter & bananas in a bread...oh my!!! It is impossible to bake this & NOT eat it as soon as it comes out of the oven. And on a crisp, cool, first day of autumn.........
Earlier this week, I didn't have to take my little charge to preschool, so a friend & I traveled to our favorite little Amish store. I bought 2 bushels of apples, some clear jel & a scrubby for dishes. One bushel of apples is for pie filling & general eating purposes. The other bushel??? Applesauce!!!!
After my TWO visits to the hospital for tests yesterday, I set out making my applesauce. I got 40 pints out of the bushel.
A few weeks ago, Nicole listed some UFO's for sale on her blog. I really liked a few of them, but since I have only stitched on linen a time or two, I was good & only got one. I really wanted to try it. This piece is done on 40 ct., not only is the idea of linen pretty new to me, the size is even more so...the smallest I have used is 32 ct. You can see that I have added a small, very small amount of stitches to what she had done before declaring it a UFO...I am going to enjoy stitching this, once I get a few obligations out of the way...
I am suppose to be working on my SAL piece today, but every time I sit down on the couch, I start to doze off. I will be so thankful when my medicine & vitamins start kicking in again.....
Peanut Butter & Banana Bread

Applesauce Anyone?

UFO Rescued

Monday, September 19, 2011

Northwind Week 5 & fall decor

Shari's Week 5

Denise's Week 5

Angie's Week 5

Rose's Week 5

Robins taking a bath!
LK ABC Lessons

New Display

old standby fireplace display with a new twist added!
It was a very rainy, dreary, morning here today, so I lit some candle early this morning. They looked so pretty, that I decided to take a couple pictures of my fall decor. I do the fireplace area about the same each year, so some of you have probably already seen most of what is there......I did add something new this year... I also took a picture of my little table display. I LOVE this little was so pretty in the dark room. Also, the robins were taking baths in the water in the driveway, so I took a picture of their cute to watch..
Everyone is moving along on the SAL...I still love each stitch that I am putting into it. The cloud did take a little more time than I would have liked, but I also didn't have a whole lot of stitching time this week. The days I picked to stitch were busy, but I stitched as I could.
I chose Sat. & Sun. this week. On Sat., I had a spur of the moment stitch in at my house. I had 4 ladies show up. We had a great time catching up & stitching.....more catching up than stitching I am afraid!!! The other day I picked for this week was yesterday. I sat down to stitch in the afternoon & proceeded to doze off....being off my thyroid meds are really taking their toll on me. So....I took a nap!!! I did stitch most of the evening....
I worked on my LK ABC Lessons on the other days.... I am still loving every XXX of this one also.
Have a great week.....thanks for stopping by & sharing your sweet comments with me....

Monday, September 12, 2011

Northwind SAL progress Week 4

hello all! The last of our pictures just came present to you, week 4 from everyone. I always put the pictures in alphabetically order, but I never know how they are going to show up on the blog.
Angela  is moving right along with the words/letters.....She is doing a great job, isn't she??
Denise is moving along super quickly...She has already started the barn!!! She is also doing a great job, isn't she?
Rose is moving along very well also. I know she had fabric issues & may still be??? Again, isn't she doing a great job??
I am last alphabetically. I worked hard on my two designated days this week... I was determined to get all of the words & snowflakes done & I succeeded. Each week, I make goals for myself. I haven't decided what this week will include. I worked on my LK piece today. Not sure yet which days will be Northwind..
thanks so much for following all of our progress. Each of us is enjoying this piece...

While We Wait..

I haven't received everyone's pictures for the SAL update, so I thought I would go ahead & do my LK update while we wait....
build a little excitement..
I am loving working on the LK ABC Lessons, along with the Northwinds SAL. Do you notice what they have in common??? It seems so much of my stitching involves letters....I really do love stitching letters. The designers all have their own way of presenting the letters for us to stitch...Even in one design, a letter may be presented more than one way. I noticed that this week while working on this piece.
We had some beautiful cooler days this past week & today, we are back to summer temps, but I am loving every minute of it. I am not ready for what comes after our beautiful fall weather.......
Stay tuned & I will update with the SAL pictures once I have everyone's!

Monday, September 5, 2011

A SAL, a WIP, and a FINISH

I felt I didn't have a whole lot of time to stitch this week, but by looking at progress, I did get some done on a new start...which became a finish & a WIP has some good progress as well. My SAL got the least amount of attention this week. The days I had picked to work on it because extremely busy. I had some family emergencies to help work thru, so it seemed I was on the phone much of those 2 days.
As far as the SAL goes, I think all 4 of us are enjoying each stitch we put in. I think most of us have either run out of the color for the letters or soon will. I wonder how many of us started with a full skein thou.....I know I didn't! Mine was a partial.
We are all setting goals for ourselves each week. I fell WAY SHORT this week.....oh well...hopefully, I can make up for it this week, but we shall see.
Ok, about the Finish! I posted the picture the other day, after fighting with blogger for over 24 hours. No matter what I did, it would not publish the picture. I finally approved a change they made & waalaa...the picture showed up. Anyway, this is the first of 3 ornaments I am doing of this design. They are for my grandsons! Each will have a different color scarf & then the boys initial will be on it. This was a freebie I found & I modified it to suit me a little better.
We had a super busy weekend...We hauled a load of furniture down to our youngest on Friday night. He starts his LAST semester of college tomorrow. On Sat., we went to my parents house so that my husband could change the brakes on my parents van. Yesterday, my husband went to a car auction with 2 young guys who needed some mentoring. Today, we went & played GLOW GOLF with our daughter & her boyfriend.....Now, can I have a weekend to rest??? This week will be busy too....
I have a family doctor appt. on Tues., and then I have a consultation with a surgeon on Wed. Maybe Thurs will be slower?!?! Nope! Not yet! Thurs., my brother is coming over & we are making jam together..maybe Friday!?!?!?!
 first of three ornaments like this....
 Shari's week 3
 LK ABC Lessons
 Angela's week 3
 Rose's week 3

Denise's week 3

Thanks for reading & leaving a comment.....the comments make my day!!!