Monday, September 5, 2011

A SAL, a WIP, and a FINISH

I felt I didn't have a whole lot of time to stitch this week, but by looking at progress, I did get some done on a new start...which became a finish & a WIP has some good progress as well. My SAL got the least amount of attention this week. The days I had picked to work on it because extremely busy. I had some family emergencies to help work thru, so it seemed I was on the phone much of those 2 days.
As far as the SAL goes, I think all 4 of us are enjoying each stitch we put in. I think most of us have either run out of the color for the letters or soon will. I wonder how many of us started with a full skein thou.....I know I didn't! Mine was a partial.
We are all setting goals for ourselves each week. I fell WAY SHORT this week.....oh well...hopefully, I can make up for it this week, but we shall see.
Ok, about the Finish! I posted the picture the other day, after fighting with blogger for over 24 hours. No matter what I did, it would not publish the picture. I finally approved a change they made & waalaa...the picture showed up. Anyway, this is the first of 3 ornaments I am doing of this design. They are for my grandsons! Each will have a different color scarf & then the boys initial will be on it. This was a freebie I found & I modified it to suit me a little better.
We had a super busy weekend...We hauled a load of furniture down to our youngest on Friday night. He starts his LAST semester of college tomorrow. On Sat., we went to my parents house so that my husband could change the brakes on my parents van. Yesterday, my husband went to a car auction with 2 young guys who needed some mentoring. Today, we went & played GLOW GOLF with our daughter & her boyfriend.....Now, can I have a weekend to rest??? This week will be busy too....
I have a family doctor appt. on Tues., and then I have a consultation with a surgeon on Wed. Maybe Thurs will be slower?!?! Nope! Not yet! Thurs., my brother is coming over & we are making jam together..maybe Friday!?!?!?!
 first of three ornaments like this....
 Shari's week 3
 LK ABC Lessons
 Angela's week 3
 Rose's week 3

Denise's week 3

Thanks for reading & leaving a comment.....the comments make my day!!!


Denise said...

And you said you didn't stitch! Yes you did!

Hope this week slows down some - you are coming and going all week!

rosek1870 said...

You accomplished so much this week! WOW!! Good luck with the Dr. appointments. this week for me is PT, crochet class, work and hopefully stitching. It is pouring outside and should continue til at least Thursday so we shall see. Good Luck!

Beth said...

That would be a WHOLE lot for me to accomplish in a week! Love your grandboys ornaments, I think they are great! I stitch an ornament for both my grandkids every year too.

Cross Stitch Queen said...

The WIPS are awesome. Last semester of college, I am sure that you are proud of him and glad that tuition payments will become stash money soon!

Had a fun time reading your blog and your WIPS did inspire me.

If you are a blog-hopper, on the right sidebar of my blog I have a few giveaways listed.

Soon I will have a giveaway of my own celebrating my 100th reader. Just 5 more readers to go till I give some stash away.


Mouse said...

ooo well done on all your stitching ... hope life slows down a wee bit and good luck with the surgery ... :)
love the little ornaments for the boys :) love mouse xxxx

Louise said...

Hi Shari!

All the stitchery on your blog is beautiful!! I would love to join a challenge..but lately I am lacking motivation..I hope to get involved like that one day soon. Love your blog!
Louise xx

Stitchin' Sweet Sue said...

Holler if you need floss, I'd be glad to see if I can help a friend:) xoxo

Rita said...

Beautiful stitching!

Can you tell me where you found the snowman freebie? Thanks!

Good luck with the doc appt.

Julie said...

I know all about a busy life Shari, mine seems to whizzing along at full speed right now.

such a lot of lovely progess you and the ladies are making on the North Wind, what a super design

Nice stitching on your other projects too.

Take care xx

Donna said...

I love North wind and all of you are making good progress. Your other stitching is lovely as well, Great Work !!!

Nancy M said...

All your projects are coming right along! The ornies you are doing for the 3 boys will be adorable! I'm hoping my fall eases up! I can stitch almost all day on Sundays with football!

Vicky L said...

The ornament is adorable. You making good progress on ABC Lessons. I need to start stitching on mine again. Its been a few weeks. The SALs are looking good too.

Carol said...

I love your idea of the three little snowmen ornaments using the boys initials, Shari--so cute! And wow--what progress on your SAL. It looks great.

Glow Golf? Never heard of it--but it sounds like fun :)

Enjoy your jam-making session with your brother! Sounds very tasty--what kind will you be making?

Lizy said...

Thank you for comment on frogs!!!! your ornaments your grandsons are all going to come out pretty!!! I bet they are going to treasure and always rember there grandma!!!! I hope your feeling well and okay!!!!