Sunday, February 25, 2007

dad's birdhouses

I have had several people email or ask questions about my dad's newest creation, birdhouses!!!!
I have a new picture that he sent me, so I want to post it, so everyone can see it!!! The business card is laying at the bottom, to give an idea of the size of the birdhouses!!!! Enjoy!!!

Friday, February 23, 2007

can life slow down some?!?!

I cannot believe how busy this week has been. With all the snow last week, I think it put me way behind. Maybe I can catch up!

I am not certain about the rotation stitching. I am not giving up yet thou! I want to give it another week or two.

I got very discouraged over the weekend. I spent time on Christmas Village on Sat. I realized as I was putting it away for the night that EVERYTHING I had stitched, other than the words was wrong. The words are over 1 & the rest of the project is over 2. Well, silly me, didn't count "over 2" before starting the next section. So, ALL of it had to be ripped out! So, no WIP pix of it!

I had two finishes this week. I can share one of them, but the other has to wait! It is my model for Sassy's Fabby's. Not only is it finished as a stitched piece, it is also already finished into a finished project! Stay tuned!!!! My other finish is my ornament for the STO ornament SAL for Feb. This took a lot longer than I thought it would. Of course, I did it on 18 ct. aida & oh my! I am not used to that!

Let's see, other WIP-----I will post a pix of my Dear Diary-Julia Flynn--this is a model using Vikki Clayton's silks. It is going to be so pretty! Also, I will post a pix of my Bethlehem piece, and my sampler gameboard. I have been encouraged to pull my Spyro piece out & add it to the rotation. I haven't done that yet, but it is in the thought process! I had a lady make this pattern, out of a picture I took of my dog!

I think that is the update for now! I hope everyone is having a good week & has a wonderful weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

more snow photos

well, most of the driveway is cleared. We left one section, but we are able to get all 3 vehicles out now. I am posting the after pictures, showing all of the piles of snow. It will take a while for these to melt!!!

Tues. project finished

I started this piece on Sunday. It is Plum Pudding Needleart "rejoice in winter's song". I love it! How appropriate for the weather we are having. It was a very fun stitch. So relaxing! The pattern, floss & fabric were a gift from my advent exchange partner on the TS message board. I love it!!!!! I am thinking I will make this into a pillow. So, with one project done, I get to chose a new one for one day next week!!!! I already have a good idea what it will be:>)

Snow everywhere

we have snow everywhere!!!! I am going to post a few pix, just so those of you who don't get snow, can see how pretty it is! Ok, it is very pretty, but.....I would like to get out of my driveway!!! We have drifts over 4 feet tall!!!! The first pix is in front of the garage. You can see, there isn't much snow on that part of the driveway! The next picture is where we have to turn around. Those drifts are the 4 feet tall ones. The last picture is where our son parks his car. There is a huge drift behind his as well. The road is in the background behind his car. I do not believe any of us will go anywhere today!!!!

Enjoy the pictures!

Monday, February 12, 2007

It's official-- I am nuts!!!!

I told my DH yesterday that I was nuts, because I was starting 4 new projects over the weekend. Well, I got three started yesterday & the 4th is ready this am. My thinking is.... this will give me 7 WIP pieces. I will work on one for the entire time I stitch on any given day...for will be devoted to the one I just said is ready. Tomorrow will be a different one. Wed. will be another different one...etc.... We shall see how that works. A few of the 7 are for commitments, so of course, as deadlines draw near, they will become priority, but this is something new I want to try. I feel like I got a lot accomplished yesterday, even thou I only did small amounts on 3 different pieces!!
The 4 pieces, in no particular order are:
my model for Sassy for March
my model for Vikki Clayton (dear diary--Julia Flynn)
gameboard sampler by Drawn Thread (a SAL piece)
Rejoice in winter's song by Plum Pudding
All 4 are going to be gorgeous!! I am anxious to see how this rotation works!!!!
I will decide about update pix later. Not sure how to do that yet!!!!
Have a great week everyone!!!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Frigid Friday

This week has been so frigid. I don't deal well with the bitter cold. I can take cold, I can take snow, but the bitter cold just kills my back. I am ready for some warmer temps.

I didn't get a lot of stitching done this week, but I did work on three projects. Over the weekend, I worked on the lettering on my Christmas Village. It is over 1 on 28 ct. Somehow, I got off on one line & had to rip out about 3/4 of that line. I got it ripped out without tearing the fabric & got it all put back in. I love the delicate look of it!!!

Next, I worked on my Bethlehem piece. If I wasn't rotating my stitching, this one would have been done long ago. It is not hard at all, but when I am doing so many projects, it is hard to make progress!

Last, I have started my JCS ornament for Feb. I am doing it on 18 ct. honey aida from Sassy. I think it is going to be pretty!

I have 2 or 3 other projects I would like to start this weekend. I have my Dear Diary--Julia Flynn model with Vikki Clayton's silks, I have my Gameboard SAL piece to start & I also have my fabric for Sassy's March COTM. Ok, I am on the computer WHY!?!?!??!!
I hope everyone has had a great week, had lots of stitching time, and has a great weekend! Thanks for reading!!!!

Saturday, February 3, 2007


Oh boy! Is it ever cold outside today! The wind is blowing terribly. I would hate to know what the wind chill is. I guess I am very thankful I have a warm house to stay in & I don't HAVE to go anywhere today. I really have cabin fever & would like to get out & go somewhere, but not the way the snow is drifting. We only have a few inches, but the way it is blowing, I am sure the roads are awful.

I see that Sassy has posted her Color of the Month for Feb., which means I can show my finished piece. You will see it attached. It is Spring Blessings by 4 my boys.

I also did a really fast piece last night. One of the groups I am in is considering a cardinal piece for a retreat project. I did up this little freebie in under an hour. I did it on Into the Sky aida by Sassy. (do you notice I use a lot of her wonderful fabrics?!?!?!?!)

Stay warm everyone & enjoy your stitching time!!
Thanks to all who have commented on my blog. I appreciate you so much!!!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Ahhhh....finally Friday!!!

Is it just me, or has this been a long week!?!?!?! I was so busy all week. I felt I didn't have any stitching time, until last evening. I declared after supper ME TIME!! I sat & worked on a baby sampler. I finished it about noon today. It is for a young couple at our church. The guy graduated with my daughter!

I also put my Stitch Days piece on a tote bag today. It turned out cute! Now, I have another bag to haul my stash around in!
I worked on Bethlehem this week also, but I forgot to take a picture, so I will post that next time!

Today, my parents delivered the treadmill we bought last week. Woohoo!!! Now, I hope to lose a little of this excess flab that has found me.

Also, dad brought along his latest creation. He asked my opinion about them. I love them!!! I asked him if he would like to me to get opinions of some of my friends. He said sure! So, I am attaching the picture I took. The toothpicks were laying there, to help hold them in place, but it also gives an idea of the size of these. They could be used as Christmas ornaments or just a hanging decoration. He is planning to sell these at craft shows for $20.00 each. Please, let me know your thoughts & I will get back with him. Of course, he does read my blog too, so maybe he can see the comments there as well!!!