Monday, May 31, 2010

A WIP & TWO New Starts!!!!

I haven't posted a WIP picture of my B. Potter for a while, so today I am!!!! I just updated the B. Potter SAL group, so I thought I would post it here as well.
I also started 2 new projects this week. I won Pie Menu from a lady on the 123 message board. I knew I had to start it as soon as possible, so one night this past week, I got started on it.
Then, I got a new pattern for my husband for Father's Day. I knew I had to work fast on it, since Father's Day is only 20 days away. I can only work on it when my husband is at work. So....2 new starts!!!!
My husband has been so busy at work. He worked late every night last week. Then, he came home Friday & said he has to work the weekend. So...he worked at home for 9 hours on Sat. He took yesterday off, so we could go to a state park with my brother. We had a great time.
Today, he is back in there, working again. Sure hope they appreciate him. He is getting behind on everything around here because of it.
I hope everyone has had a great weekend!
thanks so much for visiting & for your encouraging words! They are so much appreciated! And wow, I am almost to 50 followers. I never thought that would happen!!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Winter Sheep Finish

I started this piece on Sat. morning, as we took the boys half way home. We met the others in Scottsburg IN.
I thought, I can stitch while we ride. So, I pulled out this ornament, since I am behind on ornaments for the year. I got the sheep itself done on the car ride & have done the rest since being back home.
I stitched this on a scrap piece of 18 ct. aida, but I think this fabric is perfect for this finish.
Not sure what I am going to work on next. I have lots of WIP pieces I SHOULD work on, but I also have some new patterns that I want to work on!
A few weeks ago, I won a chart giveaway from someone on the 123 message board. It is the PIE chart by CCN. I LOVE baking pies, so this is a must do. I might start it. Or..I might start a new one I just received in the mail yesterday. It is a CHOCOLATE one by LHN. Anyone that knows me well, knows I make chocolates at Christmas. This one is perfect for that. I am thinking about making my kitchen a chocolate themed kitchen.
Have a wonderful week everyone. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Two Small Finishes

Hello everyone!
I haven't had a LOT of time to stitch for the past week or so, BUT, I do have 2 small finishes to share!
I stitched this Letter C butterfly block for a friends quilt. She is making quilts for her grand daughters. I did a block for her other one, so this is the second one I have done.
I also stitched my May section of my little heart SAL. It was a fun & easy stitch. I love how this piece is turning out.
Also, I haven't mentioned here lately about my sale blog. I have oodles of things listed there. Be sure to have a look & see if there is anything that you really need!!! We all NEED more stitching things! ( )
Have a super day. Enjoy the beautiful weather!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

A finish of a different sort!

Woohoo!!! After a few long months of work, the bed my husband made is done. We did not have a pattern for this bed. He came up with the design himself & I must say, I am so very proud of him. The bed turned out amazing!!!! No way could we have purchased one this nice for the cost of supplies for this. We didn't realize how time consuming it would be.....cutting wood, conditioning the wood, staining, putting poly on, putting together, etc..... But, it is now complete & we love it.
On the stitching front, I haven't had a lot of time this past week. Our grandsons came for another visit on Tues. They will be here all this week as well. So, I am very busy, chasing after 3 very busy little boys!!!
I worked on my B. Potter piece a lot since my last post, but will wait to take a picture until the end of the month.
I am also working on a quilt square for a friend. It is the letter C surrounded by a butterfly & flowers. Very pretty, but oh my! Very detailed, so time consuming. It will be so pretty when finished.
We have started working on our garden. Hope to get more done THIS WEEKEND, after the boys go home.
Have a great week everyone! Happy Monday!!!!