Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thurs. thoughts

I am excited!!!! I just finished my first piece for Vikki Clayton, using her silks!!!! Oh my goodness!!! They are wonderful!!! I did Holly & Ivy by CCN. I used Sassy's sage fabric. I love how all the colors flow together.

I am also attaching some pictures today of some of my dad's pens. I have a feeling my blog is going to become dad's showcase as well!!! He sent these to me today & asked if I would post them.

I hope you are all having a great week!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

mid week report

Happy Wed. to you. Today started out as a not so good day for me! I had intended to go visit my 90+ year old stitching friend today. I tried calling & calling & calling & not getting her. I finally called the main number of the retirement home that she lives in & asked about her. They told me she had left yesterday. The gal I talked to didn't know when she would be back. She took my name, so she could tell my friend I had called. So much for my plans for this afternoon. I was also bummed that I hadn't gotten part 6 of the San Man SAL. Well, I got it around noon & I am happy to report that I am done with it!!!!!! See attached photo!!!! Only one part to go!!!! This 6 weeks has gone so fast.

I have decided this afternoon that I am not doing any more baking for the holidays, I am just going to "sit back & enjoy" the rest of the week!!! We shall see if I last!!!
I hope everyone is enjoying the season. I have wonderful Christmas music playing in the background here!

Monday, December 18, 2006

another Monday morning

Gosh, a whole week has gone by since I last updated. On the stitching front, I haven't accomplished a lot, or at least it doesn't seem that way.

I have finished part 5 of the san man MSAL and am waiting part 6 tonight. I finished part 4 of the ILCS MSAL & am awaiting the release of part 5!!!

I am working on my January piece for Sassy's Fabby's. I can't share about it, but I can say, it is great!!!
I am also working on a model for Vikki Clayton. I picked the fabric & the pattern & she sent me the silks to do it!!!!! The fabric is Sage by sassysfabbys. The pattern is Holly & Ivy by CCN. I am attaching pictures of the 2 SAL's & the Vikki Clayton piece. I ADORE working with the silks. Oh my goodness!!!!! Do I have to go back to DMC?? The silks are so soft & glide so easily thru the fabric! I just wish I had more time to stitch!

I finished making my homemade candies over the weekend & that is a good feeling! I am way behind on baking & wrapping, but I am getting there!
I am trying to take time each day, to reflect on the reason why we are celebrating & I hope you have time to do the same.

Have a great week, everyone!!!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Mondays mumblings

Hi all,

it was a great, productive, relaxing weekend! DH & I went to Ft. Wayne & I was able to get floss on sale at Joann's! Always a good thing! I started my ILCS mystery SAL when we got home. I was only 3 parts behind! Well, I just finished all 3 parts. See attached picture!!!

A friend was very kind & repositioned my verse piece for me, so I am attaching a pix of it, that is MUCH easier to view!!! Still not sure how I want to finish it!!!

As Christmas draws nearer, I hope everyone is having time to reflect on the reason for the season!!

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Sat morning

Good morning friends! I have a couple photos I want to share! One is a display I made at the bottom of our staircase. I just love how it turned out. The next one is my up to date San Man SAL piece. The picture doesn't do it justice, but oh well!!!! Lastly, is a sideways picture of a verse someone charted out for me. I love it!!!! Sorry about the sideways picture. I didn't know how to scan it otherwise! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Thursday, December 7, 2006

woohoo! Those worked!

Ok, those two worked, so I will try the other two now!!!! These 2 are pieces I have shown you, but now they are framed. I am very happy with both of them!!!!


I tried posting yesterday & I couldn't!! I wanted to show some new photos! I will try attaching 2 of them to this message & if it works, I will add the other two!!! I am attaching one of our Christmas tree. We went back to a real tree this year, after 3 years of a fake tree & I LOVE IT!!!!
The other picture is of some of the new pens my dad is making!!! Gosh, I told him I want one of each!!! There are over 40 colors available!!! He sells these for 20.00 each. He also has many wood pens. I have pix in my yahoo photos of them!!!
Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! We have gotten a dusting of snow today!

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Sleepy Sunday

Whew! What a weekend! The weather held out beautifully! My friend & I left at 5 yesterday am, as planned! We didn't get back until after 6 pm. We tried to add up all the stores we visited. We remembered 27!!! There were probably a few more in the mall, that we forgot about!

Today, we went & cut our tree!! We haven't had a real tree for a few years & it is wonderful to have one again! We have it in the stand & the lights on, but not decorated yet. I cannot find a tree topper, so I may be making a run to town!!!

I noticed that Sassy has posted the color of the month, so I can now show one of my finishes!!! I stitched Winter Wonderland by Little House Needleworks on the Dec. color of the month, Winter Blues. I used the 28 ct. Jobelan & I LOVE IT!!!!!!! More of this fabric is a MUST for me!

For my advent exchange gifts yesterday & today, I received 2 tiny tuck ornament pillows yesterday & floss bobbins today. Both very wonderful, useful items!!!!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!!! I need some sleep!!!

Friday, December 1, 2006

December First Already

Since it is the 1st, that means only 24 days until Christmas. Oh my!!! That makes it sound so close.

One of the groups I am in is doing an advent exchange. We got our partner 24 small gifts & then a nice gift for Christmas Day. I opened my first one & got a beautiful kitchen towel/potholder combo. It is gingerbread boys & simply adorable.

Also, I finished part 3 of the San Man Mystery SAL today. I don't know why, but this part was really challenging for me. I love how it looks thou!!!

Tomorrow, my best friend & I are doing our annual "shop til you drop" day. We leave at 5 am & shop til we can't shop any longer!!!!! I am praying the weather holds out. We haven't gotten ANY of the bad stuff that they had predicted!!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas thoughts.....................

I haven't been in a mood to stitch today, so I have done lots of other little odds & ends around the house. I got all of my Christmas cards done & actually in the mail. Now, you must know, this is way too early for me! Most people will get them tomorrow, and it will still be November. But, we are suppose to have winter weather tomorrow, so I guess the card will help them know Christmas is coming.

I also added lights to my snowmen on our porch. You can see the picture attached here. My DH made the snowmen & I painted it. It took us quite a while to do, but we got it done!!!!

Here is a dilemma we have!!!! Since we moved into our house, (3 yrs), we have used an artificial tree. Well, we want a real tree this year. (we always had a real tree!) Well, I went searching & guess what?!?!? We must have thrown away our tree stand. Oh no!!!!!! I guess I will have to go buy one before the weekend!!!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

another JBW finish

I have finished my 3rd of these cute little designs. This one went really quick! I used the sparkly white aida again & the floss I used is Carrie's Marlot. It is a reddish brown. Very pretty for a reindeer, I thought!! Now, I am back to my San Man SAL piece. I will do it tomorrow & then I think I am going to pull out a verse project that I had someone chart for me a while back. It is about time I get to it!!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

another Christmas finish & small tree up!

Well, I had a pretty productive weekend! We stayed away from the stores this year! We usually do the after Thanksgiving shopping thing, but this year, we stayed home!
I started & finished another Christmas piece by JBW Designs. This is the first Christmas Motifs design. I used the white sparkly aida & the same NN floss on this one! I love how it turned out! I have another of her designs ready to start this morning! I hope to turn all of these into little pillows.

Also this weekend, I put my little stitching tree up in my craft room. The whole tree is filled with stitched ornaments. Most were done by myself, others my best friend made for me. Still others, my aunt made for me.

You will see that under the tree are lots of small gifts! One of the boards I am involved with is doing an advent exchange. We had someone's name & we were to get 24 small gifts for the 24 days of Dec., leading up to Christmas. We got something larger from their wish list for Christmas Day. JoAnn had my name & all of the gifts are there, waiting to be opened, one at a time. Oh my! Talk about hard!!!!!! But, I don't want to rush the season! I want to enjoy it!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Christmas is Coming

And, since Christmas is coming, what better thing to stitch than a Christmas pattern! I decided yesterday to pull out my JBW Christmas Motif Sampler II pattern. I used 14 ct. sparkley aida & NN floss # 1511 for it. I love how it turned out & I THINK I am going to make it into a small pillow with buttons in the corners, like it is shown on the pattern! This was a quick, fun stitch!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

seeking suggestions

I would really, really, really like to start adding friends blogs to my blog, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to do it! I looked thru all of the help questions & still cannot figure it out! Is there someone who can help me?!!? I would appreciate it so much!! Thanks & Happy Thanksgiving!

San Man SAL part 2

I sat down last evening, after supper & put together part tow of the mystery piece. I am loving this more & more as it goes along. This went together so quick. The large snowflake was the hardest for me. I love how the colors are looking! The blues pull out the blue in the fabric. The pictures do not do it justice at all. My DH described the fabric as spilled grape juice. I think that is a great description of it.

I probably will not post again before tomorrow, so I hope everyone that takes a look, will have a very Happy Thanksgiving. If you are traveling, be safe.

Monday, November 20, 2006

San Man let it snow mystery SAL

I was playing around on here on Friday morning & discovered that San Man was doing a mystery SAL, so of course, I had to go check it out! I love San Man stuff! Well, I signed up & got part one of the chart. I was anxious to get started & found what I thought was the perfect piece of fabric in my stash. Well, I couldn't see the holes, & rather than keep going & be very discouraged, I frogged it & began the search for a different piece. Well, I am happy to say, that I started & finished part one today. The picture doesn't really do the piece justice, but I LOVE how it looks!!!!!!

I am waiting patiently for part 2 tonight!!! Thanks for looking!!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

4th try

ok, they say third time is a charm! Third didn't work, so let's try 4th!!

Finally Friday!

hello all! This has been a very long, rough week, but it is Friday! Woohoo!
I have two pictures to add today. I received my final gift from the ILCS secret sister exchange on Wed. It was such a great pick me up! Mylene did a wonderful job as a SS:>) My final package included 3 charts from my wish list & a stitched gift. It is a little pin cushion with both of our names on the back & a cute stitched pincushion on the front.
The other picture I want to add is my gift from the STO ornament SAL drawing. I won for the month of Oct. Jennifer put together a great gift!!!
I just tried adding them & it said an error occured & only one was added. So, we shall see what happens! I want this to work so bad & I am struggling!!!
I also want to add other people's blogs on my page & haven't been able to do that yet either. Bear with me! I will figure this out!!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thanks everyone!

Thanks to everyone who has looked at & commented on my new blog & finishes. I am really going to enjoy this, I am certain. I hope to get some time today to add some more features to my blog. I also hope to finish the piece I am working on. But....I won't be able to show it for a while yet! That is the hard part! But, in due time, you will all get to see it!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful day today!!!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Christmas Tree finish

I finished this piece last week & made the frame on Friday. I had a white frame on hand, but it had a blue heart & maroon designs on it. I repainted the frame white & added the snowflake buttons & tree buttons to make it look festive. The stitched piece is out of the Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue 2005. It is done on Sassy's snowflake fabric, using Carries floss. I just love how it turned out!

photo added

I have just added my first picture. This piece is called Give Thanks by Hinzeit. It is done on toffee evenweave by Sassysfabbys. It is a wonderful color fabric. I used needle necessities floss for the lettering & dmc for the remainder of the piece.

giving this a try

Hi all,
I am giving this a try. I want to see if I am able to do such a thing! I enjoy reading others blogs, so I decided it was time to try myself! As I learn how to do it, I will be adding about my wonderful stitching hobby!