Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas thoughts.....................

I haven't been in a mood to stitch today, so I have done lots of other little odds & ends around the house. I got all of my Christmas cards done & actually in the mail. Now, you must know, this is way too early for me! Most people will get them tomorrow, and it will still be November. But, we are suppose to have winter weather tomorrow, so I guess the card will help them know Christmas is coming.

I also added lights to my snowmen on our porch. You can see the picture attached here. My DH made the snowmen & I painted it. It took us quite a while to do, but we got it done!!!!

Here is a dilemma we have!!!! Since we moved into our house, (3 yrs), we have used an artificial tree. Well, we want a real tree this year. (we always had a real tree!) Well, I went searching & guess what?!?!? We must have thrown away our tree stand. Oh no!!!!!! I guess I will have to go buy one before the weekend!!!!!


~Kim~ said...

Its amazing Christmas! I got my cards out today, so be on the look out for yours :)

I love your snowman! How adorable! Have you ever tried to sell them?!

Sorry to hear about not having a tree stand, might want to try a thrift store first.


Heather said...

I have almost all my overseas cards posted, but not the UK ones yet. They'll go out on Monday.

What a beautiful snowmen decoration.