Friday, November 17, 2006

Finally Friday!

hello all! This has been a very long, rough week, but it is Friday! Woohoo!
I have two pictures to add today. I received my final gift from the ILCS secret sister exchange on Wed. It was such a great pick me up! Mylene did a wonderful job as a SS:>) My final package included 3 charts from my wish list & a stitched gift. It is a little pin cushion with both of our names on the back & a cute stitched pincushion on the front.
The other picture I want to add is my gift from the STO ornament SAL drawing. I won for the month of Oct. Jennifer put together a great gift!!!
I just tried adding them & it said an error occured & only one was added. So, we shall see what happens! I want this to work so bad & I am struggling!!!
I also want to add other people's blogs on my page & haven't been able to do that yet either. Bear with me! I will figure this out!!!!

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~Kim~ said...

Thanks for sticking with it, and posting the pictures! Have a great weekend! Cant wait to see what more you have to show off!