Friday, August 28, 2009

Fall Exchange received

One of the yahoo groups that I am involved in had a fall exchange recently. My gift arrived in the mail today! Oh boy! Did my partner ever spoil me. I received the following:
She sent me a piece of fabric in a wonderful brown tone. She sent 3 fall colors
of dmc. She sent a package of needles. Non stitching wise, she sent me a package
of binder clips with fall prints, a refrigerator note pad, a package of
notecards,& a package of coasters with fall patterns. Her note card to me has a
teddy bear in a Christmas stocking on it. It has the pattern to stitch it on the
back. And last, but certainly not least, she stitched a tuck pillow for me. It
says autumn & has 3 autumn leaves & is in a beautiful tuck pillow, ready to
I love all of it.
I am working hard on my baby sampler. I have totally finished the border now & I am starting on the inside motifs. I do not have a picture of it right now, but do have one of the fall exchange!!
Have a wonderful weekend & thanks for stopping by! I love meeting so many of you!

Friday, August 21, 2009

WIP updates & Baby News!!!!!

Wow, it has been 2 weeks since I updated my blog. Well, part of that is because last week at this time, we were heading to our son & DIL's house. The babies got to go home last weekend, so we went down!!!! We had a wonderful time, bonding with the boys. It was so hard to come back home. I told my youngest a couple hours ago that I wanted to go back. He said "go". Wish it were that easy!!!
I finished my Alphabet Pumpkin the day after I posted it last time. I just haven't taken time to update. I love how it turned out. It was such a fun stitch. Now, I need to finish it. I am pretty sure I am going to do a pinkeep out of it.
Next, I worked real hard on Christmas Village & I think the progress shows. I love this piece & wish I had more time to devote to it.
Lastly, I worked on the boys sampler. This is a MUST DO. I really want to get it done, so my husband can make a frame for it & we can give it to the kids.
Thank you all so much for your kind comments on my last post. I appreciate your friendships so much.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, August 7, 2009

WIP pictures

hi all!
Well, I haven't had many finishes, but I have been stitching!!!! Stitching is so much more enjoyable now that the splint is off of my finger & it isn't quite so tender!!!! It is still very stiff, but time will help, I HOPE!!!
I hope the pictures show up in the order I am going to talk about them!!!
First, is Christmas Village by Victoria Sampler. I fell in love with this when it first came out & I still feel the same for it! I am stitching it on Sassysfabby's winter blues.
Next is the birth sampler for the triplets. It is a triplet sampler. I am working on the border. I love the design!
Next, is my B. Potter SAL piece. I added a few motifs recently. I love working this piece, because each motif adds a new dimension to the piece.
Lastly, is one I started while babysitting yesterday. I love stitching the alphabet, so this one is perfect!!!! I love the color combo I picked. Sassy's crescent cream lugana & a silk floss called lasagna!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!! I am working on kitting up a few more projects---WHY>!>!>!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Too Cute to not Share!

I just shredded 20 cups of zucchini. I was taking the 'ends' out to dump in the field.
As I was coming back in the house, I saw this picture. I quick came in & got the camera & took the picture. My son LOVES tree frogs, so I can't wait for him to see this!!!! I tried to get one with my cell phone too, but the tree frog backed up further in the pipe. I sure hope whatever the pipe is to doesn't decide to run while he is in there!!!!!
You can click on the picture to see him better!!!