Thursday, June 13, 2013

I THINK I can take a breather!!!

wow, what a busy month it has been since my last post.
We were not able to get the room painted before my BIG NEWS!!! Our son got back from Afghanistan on May 23rd. We went down to the base for the groups welcome home ceremony. Imagine the pride & relief in this mom's heart.......we watched the plane fly in that held our men & women. We watched over 200 hundred of them file off of the plane. We had no clue which one was our son, but oh the pride!!! And then to watch them march into the arena in formation....then, the announcement.....troops, you may reunite with family!!!!!!!! The bleachers emptied as everyone went to the floor to meet their soldier!!!
We got back home after a few days visit & had to make a trip up to my hometown. My aunt had a lawn mower she was giving us. (our rider broke the night before we left) At least having a good push mower would get some of the yard work done!!!
I babysat the last week of May, finishing 10 years with the one family. I will miss them this fall. I cared for all three of their children from birth to kindergarten.
We got the room painted on the weekend of the 1st & 2nd! Yeah!!!! I love how it turned out. My husband said it looks pretty girly! Oops!!! oh well, it is the guest room & also my Thirty-One room.
We didn't put anything in the room, except for the double bed, because on Tues the 4th, we were invaded by our triplet grandsons! They had been at the other grandparents house & now it was our turn until daddy could get up here. He arrived on Friday & oh my!!!! What a reunion that was.....
They all headed back home on Monday of this week.
Now, the story about my piece I am showing you! It has been a UFO for quite a while. I decided before our trip to see our son that I would work on it. I took it along, hoping to get a little stitching time in the car on the way home. (I couldn't on the way down, because Duane & I each had to drive since we had our sons car) I pulled the project bag out from where I had stored it. I lifted the fabric from the bag & imagine my horror. The fabric was damp, as was the pattern on the magnet board. We could not figure out HOW it had gotten damp. The fabric had water spots in a few places & I thought the project was ruined. So much for stitching on the way home. When we stopped for gas & a bathroom break, we checked where we had had it stored. Sure enough, it was damp in there. How it got damp, we haven't a clue. We have been so busy, my husband hasn't had time to check into it since.
When we got home, I took the project & hand washed it with a touch of dish soap in warm water. YEAH!!!!!!! 99% of the water marks came out & the little bit that didn't is up in a corner that will be on the back when it is framed!!! So thankful!!!! So, in the little bit of stitching time I have had since our return, this is what I have worked on.
I did get a new project the other day. I had my parents pick up Sue Hillis' "SUPERCALA..........
at House of Stitches for me. It is going to be perfect in the guest room.
I am super excited about the colors of the guest room, because the one color matches one of the new  Thirty One patterns. (Best Buds) Also the turquoise from the previous catalog. You can see some of the products in pictures. I am storing everything in the guest room. I still need more shelves for it.
Whew! I think that catches you up.....hopefully I can get some more stitching time now. have a great weekend!! I am looking forward to Sunday. It is our 34th anniversary & we are going somewhere/doing something, JUST US...we need a day away!!
The Drawn Thread....Sampler Gameboard

Retro Metro Bag with Turtle Coin Purse & Bring a Bottle Thermal

Corner of the room to show both colors! (still need to find curtains & a bedspread)

My Thirty-One Wall