Wednesday, December 20, 2006

mid week report

Happy Wed. to you. Today started out as a not so good day for me! I had intended to go visit my 90+ year old stitching friend today. I tried calling & calling & calling & not getting her. I finally called the main number of the retirement home that she lives in & asked about her. They told me she had left yesterday. The gal I talked to didn't know when she would be back. She took my name, so she could tell my friend I had called. So much for my plans for this afternoon. I was also bummed that I hadn't gotten part 6 of the San Man SAL. Well, I got it around noon & I am happy to report that I am done with it!!!!!! See attached photo!!!! Only one part to go!!!! This 6 weeks has gone so fast.

I have decided this afternoon that I am not doing any more baking for the holidays, I am just going to "sit back & enjoy" the rest of the week!!! We shall see if I last!!!
I hope everyone is enjoying the season. I have wonderful Christmas music playing in the background here!

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~Kim~ said...

Sorry to hear you werent able to get together with your friend! Arent "older" people great friends to have! I know I have several waiting for me when I get to work :)

WOW, your SanMan SAL is AWESOME! Cant wait to your completed! Is the last one going to be released on Christmas or on Tuesday?! Arent some of those 12 Days freebies cute! I just love that Moose!

You have done so many finishes this past year! Im proud of us!