Friday, February 23, 2007

can life slow down some?!?!

I cannot believe how busy this week has been. With all the snow last week, I think it put me way behind. Maybe I can catch up!

I am not certain about the rotation stitching. I am not giving up yet thou! I want to give it another week or two.

I got very discouraged over the weekend. I spent time on Christmas Village on Sat. I realized as I was putting it away for the night that EVERYTHING I had stitched, other than the words was wrong. The words are over 1 & the rest of the project is over 2. Well, silly me, didn't count "over 2" before starting the next section. So, ALL of it had to be ripped out! So, no WIP pix of it!

I had two finishes this week. I can share one of them, but the other has to wait! It is my model for Sassy's Fabby's. Not only is it finished as a stitched piece, it is also already finished into a finished project! Stay tuned!!!! My other finish is my ornament for the STO ornament SAL for Feb. This took a lot longer than I thought it would. Of course, I did it on 18 ct. aida & oh my! I am not used to that!

Let's see, other WIP-----I will post a pix of my Dear Diary-Julia Flynn--this is a model using Vikki Clayton's silks. It is going to be so pretty! Also, I will post a pix of my Bethlehem piece, and my sampler gameboard. I have been encouraged to pull my Spyro piece out & add it to the rotation. I haven't done that yet, but it is in the thought process! I had a lady make this pattern, out of a picture I took of my dog!

I think that is the update for now! I hope everyone is having a good week & has a wonderful weekend!!!


nancy said...

Oh my gosh, woman! You HAVE been busy!! Beautiful stitching, as always!

JoAnn said...

You have been really busy!! I love your Feb ornament very pretty! All your projects look wonderful :)

Kajsa said...

Wow, you have been busy. All the projects looks lovely though. Congratulations on finishing the ornament.

Mary Ann said...

Oh my, you have been a busy stitcher! All the pieces look fantastic!

Meari said...

It's great that you're giving the rotation thing a go. I could never get "into" it, so I work on what I want when I want. All your projects look great, Shari.

Susieq said...

Looks like you are moving right along with your projects. I tried the rotation too but mine was each project was 1 week instead of 1 day. So keep me posted on how this is going for you.

monique said...

Oh you are really going to town! LOL Looking really good :)

Sally said...

Wow, you have certainly been busy Shari. You have some lovely WIPs. I think I need to treat myself to Sampler Game Board now I've burnt my stash wagon! LOL!

I love my rotation but I do a kind of weekly one. Monday to Friday on one piece, the weeekend on something else, then move on again to something else for the next Monday to Friday. I have five pieces on the go using this. Well six if you count Chocolate Shoppe which I stitch on Wednesday afternoons!

You certainly have a lot of snow there. I am envious as all we have at the moment is rain and more rain.

~Kim~ said...

Wow, you are just moving along on these! Congrats on the progress on each!