Monday, February 12, 2007

It's official-- I am nuts!!!!

I told my DH yesterday that I was nuts, because I was starting 4 new projects over the weekend. Well, I got three started yesterday & the 4th is ready this am. My thinking is.... this will give me 7 WIP pieces. I will work on one for the entire time I stitch on any given day...for will be devoted to the one I just said is ready. Tomorrow will be a different one. Wed. will be another different one...etc.... We shall see how that works. A few of the 7 are for commitments, so of course, as deadlines draw near, they will become priority, but this is something new I want to try. I feel like I got a lot accomplished yesterday, even thou I only did small amounts on 3 different pieces!!
The 4 pieces, in no particular order are:
my model for Sassy for March
my model for Vikki Clayton (dear diary--Julia Flynn)
gameboard sampler by Drawn Thread (a SAL piece)
Rejoice in winter's song by Plum Pudding
All 4 are going to be gorgeous!! I am anxious to see how this rotation works!!!!
I will decide about update pix later. Not sure how to do that yet!!!!
Have a great week everyone!!!


Jacqui said...

I have 7 WIPS on the go at once (not counting RR's) so that I too can work on one per day. I look forward to seeing photos of your progress.

nancy said...

I'm going to try the same rotation theory ... like you, I hope it works as I'm used to working on one thing at a time until it's finished. Fingers are crossed for you!
I stitched the same birth announcement you did, for my greatnephew. I really like the pattern - your "girl" finish is so pretty!
Stay warm ... miss you in our little chats but I certainly understand. (((Shari)))

Mary Ann said...

Hi Shari, I just saw your post on the TS message board and had to check out your blog. :-)

I will be keeping tabs on how your rotation works for you. I might have to give it a try??

~Kim~ said...

Best of luck with your rotation stitching. Cant wait to see the progress pics :)