Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow everywhere

we have snow everywhere!!!! I am going to post a few pix, just so those of you who don't get snow, can see how pretty it is! Ok, it is very pretty, but.....I would like to get out of my driveway!!! We have drifts over 4 feet tall!!!! The first pix is in front of the garage. You can see, there isn't much snow on that part of the driveway! The next picture is where we have to turn around. Those drifts are the 4 feet tall ones. The last picture is where our son parks his car. There is a huge drift behind his as well. The road is in the background behind his car. I do not believe any of us will go anywhere today!!!!

Enjoy the pictures!


WendyCarole said...

The snow looks lovely Shari.

The most we got was 2 inches!

~Kim~ said...

Ok missy --- Im waiting for a picture of a snowman out there!! Get the guys involved and make one! Oh to be a kid again.. heck I still make them when I get the chance.. and now how do you think is nutts.. LOL (Me!)


Shari said...

the snow is not snowman suitable! It was pretty powdery, except the layers that blew, they were crusty. Sorry, no snowmen or women!