Friday, October 10, 2008

Booksale Bargains!!!

Woohoo!! We have a local used bookstore that is closing their doors. Well, not woohoo about that, BUT....closing doors means bargains & that is my middle name. The lady I babysit for told me about it, or I would have never known. The sale is..anything you can fit in a paper grocery sack for 5.00. Well, I went in the other day but couldn't be long. I was able to fill a bag pretty quickly, since I found a BUNCH of hardback craft books. (see photo)
The next day, I went back in, again with not much time. But, I had a mission again. I was mainly looking for elem age reading books. A good friend of my son is an el. ed. major. I found a bunch that I think will work. (see photo) These brought back a lot of memories for my husband & I, as we remember either reading these ourselves or reading them to/with our own children. Also, there is a picture of a Flat Stanley book. I was thrilled to find this!!! My kids never did flat selfs, but I have heard lots about them! In fact, one of my online groups just had a retreat. Those of us who could not attend were encouraged to make a 'flat us' & send it along! We were able to attend the retreat that way!! How fun!!!
The other photo is of a bunch of devotional/motivational books that I found. I also got many other books but these are the ones I chose to share with all of you!
Tomorrow is the last day of the sale. My husband & I plan to be there when the doors open & we plan to stay as long as it takes!!! ( he hasn't gotten to go yet!!)
Thanks for looking & STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!
I SHOULD have a stitching update later today!!!!


Julie said...

Don't you love finding great bargains like this?!? I sure do! Great finds and great price! Enjoy!

Renee said...

What a great find!!! Enjoy!!!!!!

Mylene said...

WOW! Great bargains. Enjoy!!