Sunday, August 14, 2011

Frames Anyone????!!!!!

My husband was a busy little beaver this past week.
Yesterday, the LNS in my home town.....HOUSE OF STITCHES in LaPorte IN had a Midwest Stash Exchange sale. For a $20.00 donation, you were able to rent a booth space to sell your stash. The total donation went to Riley's Children's Hospital, Indianapolis, IN. Any money made in your booth, was yours to keep.
So, since he does such nice frames for me & for others who buy from him, I asked him to make frames for my table to sell. So, each night after work, he went down stairs & worked in the workshop. He had 8 frames to sell yesterday. He only sold one of them, but honestly, I do not think a whole lot of people were buying a whole lot of stuff...we were THRILLED that one sold & that we made quite a bit of money between his one frame & all of the patterns that I sold.
I thought I would 'show off' some of the frames here. I put beside them my frames with what they were made for in them. The LHN piece is just sat behind that frame, because it was one for sale, but it may very well become mine, if no one asks about purchasing it!!! The frame with no stitching is one he made for me as a test...he isn't sure he is happy with it....thoughts?!?!!
I am nearing completion of my last Crazy Challenge piece, but I was very busy this past week getting my things ready for the sale & helping with frames in the evenings.
Tomorrow, I am starting a SAL with 3 other blogging friends....I was hoping to have the challenge piece done before then, but unless I stitch like lightening tonight, it won't be happening.
Have a super week everyone!!!!
I was told I should put prices for you to frame that I show the Sept piece in is cherry wood with cherry stain. It holds a 6 by 6 piece....they are $10.00
The frame that shows the May piece...the for sale frame is Oak with Oak above, holds a 6 by 6 piece & is $10.00.
The green frames fit a small piece..not sure of the size, but my piece is a Victorian Sampler (Cathy Jean) piece...these frames are $8.00 each.
The bulletin board type fits the small Lizzie Kate flip it's great. This one is $15.00.
The other one is/was a test, so at this time, he doesn't have a price on it.


Kathy said...

The frames are fabulous! Your husband does some beautiful work on them. They all look great. I especially like the bulletin board one and the one for the deer. Perfect.

Katie said...

I love your husband's frames. I don't have any extra cash right now or I would definitely buy some. If I do get some extra cash you'll be hearing from me for sure.

Nancy M said...

Nice frames! I'll have to remember you when I need an odd size!

Denise said...

Woohoo - you made some money at the sale! And DH's frames are awesome! The test - I like it - different and will set off the right finish perfectly!

Ready for tomorrow?

Brigitte said...

Your husband's frames are all very pretty, including the test piece. Very pretty indeed.
Wow, you are already stitching on your last Challenge piece. That's absolutely gorgeous. I'm very curious to see that last one finished.

WendyCarole said...

great frames

Carol said...

Great frames your husband has made for you, Shari! Where does he buy the wood? Glad to hear you made some stash money by selling some stash :)

Julie said...

Wow - those frames are great! How lucky to have a husband that can make these for you too.

Debra said...

wonderful frames. I know I love mine!!!