Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Getting Slow!

Boy! I am getting slow!!! I finished my Supercali....piece last Thurs. I am just now posting a picture of it!?!?! Where does the time go?
They say once your kids leave home, time goes faster & faster. I believe it. Sometimes I wonder 'how did I keep up' when they were home? We seem to be so busy sometimes! Other times, I feel like I am home alone all of the time!
Anyway, I finished the stitching part of this piece last week. I had set 4 goals for myself for the end of August. I was to finish stitching this piece....check! I was to finish the book that I was reading....check! I was to finish the current 'tour' of the island on my Walk it Out game....check & I was to submit at least $200.00 in party sales for my THIRTY-ONE business....check! I met each goal that I set for myself!!! yeah!!!
I plan to make this piece into a pillow for the guest bedroom. I haven't gotten a bedspread yet, but I am planning on a white one, since the walls are so bright! We got some grey drapes that match the carpet real well & look good in there.
I have been checking our local animal shelter, the rescue sites, etc....for a second dog. I think Elmo (Mo as we call him) would really enjoy having a playmate. I found one over the weekend that really caught my eye, but oh my! Why do I keep finding bigger dogs??? Spyro was a whopping 12 lbs. most of his life. We got Dudley after that & he was about 22 lbs. That was a big dog! He didn't work out...we tried hard for over 2 months. So, we then found Elmo...Mo...we have had him almost a year. Well, he is a solid 33 lbs. NOW.......this one I have been looking at is much bigger. I haven't seen him in person, so I don't really know how big he is, but he is a labradoodle, so he will be big!!!This is a picture of him, at the shelter. He looks skinny......needs some meat on his bones! There is something about that face that gets me!!! Time will tell if I go look at him or not. I did send them an email last night, asking questions!!!
Have a great day!


Brigitte said...

You were doing great on reaching your August goals. This stitched piece looks gorgeous and I'm looking forward to seeing it finished into a pillow. Very nice idea.

Robin said...

Shari, congratulations on your finish as well as meeting your goals! Way to go!

Robin in Virginia

Julie said...

Super finish.
Well done on completing your goals for last month.
You furry friend looks a real lovely chap, I hope you get to meet him in person and see if he suits you.

Linda said...

Great stitching. Your possible new pooch looks cute in that photo despite his size!

cucki said...

Sweet stitching...
Hugs x

Sharon said...

Whoo-hoo and high five for completing your August goals! I love the "super saying" - so happy! :)
What's up next on your stitching goals list?
That is a sweet face....please let us know what you decide.

Angela said...

Hey Shari love the finished supercali, great colors and lovely stitching as usual.

I am smiling when i read your consideration of a second dog. You are a woman after my own heart.... One that cannot leave well enough alone. Lol.

Good luck with that and keep in mind that all Elmo wants is YOU. Now if you want a second dog then go for it and Elmo will join in the fun... This from a woman with three dogs and two cats.

Carol said...

Sounds like you're on a roll, Shari--all August goals met!! That's great :) Your Supercalifragilistic looks great!!

Hope you get to meet the labradoodle and that you like him. They are BIG dogs--our neighbor has one... Keep us posted :)

Lizette Morales said...

Wow you sure accomplish lots of goals !!!! How is that game I always wanted to play it !!!! Well have nice weekend!!!

Nancy M said...

Congrats on a cute finish and for accomplishing your goals! Have you decided whether you are getting the 2nd dog?? I've heard labradoodles are great dogs.