Sunday, September 23, 2007

Here I am!!

I haven't updated in a long time!! Sorry about that!!!!! I have been stitching my little fingers off, but I have only one little finish that I can show at this time.
I spent over 2 weeks on a model. I am just awaiting word from the designer before I can share. She has received it, because I have my copy of it here in my stash room!!! It is so awesome to see my name in print on the back cover, listed as the model stitcher. Stay tuned for a picture of it.

As soon as I finished that, I stitched a piece that will be made into a biscornu for a prize in one of my yahoo groups. So, I can't show that at this time either.

Next in line, was my Sept. ornament! That I can show, so I have attached the picture of it. I love how this turned out!!!
Next, I am working on a mystery block for one of my groups. I love how it is turning out as well, but again, it is something that I cannot show a picture of!!!

I haven't been reading blogs, as I have been extremely busy with the stitching I have done & helping organize a FUN MONTH for one of my groups!!!!

I also have gone to the candy supply shop & got all of my supplies for my homemade Christmas Candies. I have started them as well!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well!!!


Vickie said...


Your ornament looks great. I would love to hear about this fun month you are having!!!!

Mylene said...

That's a lovely finish, Shari.
Have a nice week.

~Kim~ said...

Always a pleasure to see your finishes Shari. Hope you are having a nice weekend. :)

Talk with you soon, since you look to be busy!!


Anonymous said...

Shari, great finish, congrats. Oh looking forward to getting some of that christmas candies. LMBO!!!
Debra in Indiana