Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday finish!

Good morning!!!!!
I have a second finish for the week!! Now, if the other 3 would go fast! Ha!!! They are all much larger projects! I do have to work on a few small things in between thou! I have an angel project piece to do & a mail art piece to do. I have ideas for both, but haven't started them yet! I am starting on one of them today.

I finished my "Friends come in all flavors" last night. It turned out pretty cute I think. Not sure what I am doing with it yet!!! HA!!
Also this week, I got a wonderful surprise in the mail. I have been corresponding with a gal in Russia. We have a mutual friend. Anyway, she sent me a small piece that she stitched. I am thinking it will be made into a bookmark for my Bible, since stitching & our Bibles are one of our common interests!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

hi found your blog through someone else's blog, nice finishes.

nice to meet you


Vickie said...

that is the cutest project....I love the ice cream cones....

~Kim~ said...

Cute finishes Shari


Renee said...

Cute ice cream! :) I really like the stitched gift from your friend. How sweet!