Monday, May 26, 2008

Six down, two to go!

I just put the last stitches of page 6 into Spyro! I have 2 pages to go!!! Gosh, if I work long do I have left on him!?!?!? I am seeing the end in sight now!!!!! When I pulled this back out again last night to work on it, DH said "when are you going to work on Christmas Village?" (He got me that for Christmas 06) I told him that was my next WIP to be concentrated on! I have had this one longer!!!

I am also going to attach some pictures of my flowers to this post. They are getting so pretty! I have enjoyed working outside this weekend so much. The weather has been picture perfect!! I hope this is the start of nice weather for us.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend. Thanks for stopping by & paying me a visit!


Renee said...

The flowers are beautiful but so is Spyro!! WOW!!! He is looking so awesome!!

Christina said...

Two more pgaes, you can do it! Your flowers are lovely. My columbine and iris' have already finished blooming.

Julie said...

Lovely flower pics, i like the top left one (aquilegia i think?)

Well done on Spyro, not long to go now

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing Spyro finished! He looks great!
:) Lavon

Debra said...

Shari, great flower pictures. Spyro is look good!!!
Debra in Indiana