Friday, October 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!!! ok, maybe not but a SAL....

who is up for a SAL that will start in Nov. & be finished by the first week of Dec., if we keep up with it???
I discovered this SAL the other day & it is gorgeous!!!!!
Here is a link to the blog, so you can see for yourself!!!
Have a great Friday!!


Linda said...

Where did all your other stuff go?

What's a SAL? I'm sure I'm showing my ignorance, but I have to know!

Shari said...

replying to Linda,
all my other stuff? You mean the projects I have been working on??? I am still working on them all!!!! When I have time! A SAL is a "Stitch A Long". Everyone that signs up works on the same project. This one is a freebie---you sign up & they send you the parts each week or show you where to download them. Hope this helps!

Mylene said...

That is sure a great design but i'm afraid i can't finish it on time. Looking forward to see your updates though.