Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ornament Finished

I showed you a picture yesterday of the ornament that I was working on for a RR exchange. It didn't have any backstitching at that point & it was pretty difficult to tell what it really was. Today, I finished the backstitching & it sure is obvious now what it is. I think it turned out cute & I hope the owner will like it!
I read a post on a dear friend's blog about un-finished finishes. She said she counted hers & had 80 some of these. I thought to myself....wow, that sounds like quite a few. So.....to 'humor' myself, I got my tub out, to count mine. OH MY!!!! I am sorry Carol! Your 80 some is less than mine!!!! Anyone have any idea how many I have??? I have decided like Carol said.....I stitch for the pleasure of stitching!!! Yes, I like them finished, but it is obvious where my first love is!!!!
I have 97 pieces in my tub. Some are very small.....most are very small....ornaments!!! Some are of the larger type. (Christmas Village, Bethlehem, etc....)
I need to pick tomatoes again. I gave them a day off yesterday, but I need to go back out yet today & pick more.
Have a great day & thanks for stopping in!


Meari said...

Cute finish, Shari.

97 UFO's?? Wow!!

Sue said...

Darling ornament! I love the ones that look like roly-polys' Shari! LOL

Julie said...

Such a cutie.

Gosh Shari, that is a lot, i dont think i have that many... i daren't go check now in case i do LOL

Debra said...

Cute finish. Wow that is a lot to do all the finishing on. It would take me a long time just to get them finished. LOL! Do you think they will be done-done by the end of the year?

Brigitte said...

Your little ornament looks so cute.
Shari, I also took out my unfinished pieces after reading Carol's blog entry this morning but I refused to count them, lol. I was just surprised what I found - many pieces I had completely forgotten about.

Carol said...

YAY!! I'm glad you "beat" me, Shari! I guess we both love the process of stitching more than the finishing!! Did you find any that just "demanded" to be finished when you looked through them?

Your little roly-poly guy is very cute--amazing what the backstitching can do for a piece!

Sonda in OR said...

It's very cute! I can totally understand the desire to stitch being stronger than the desire to finish!

Kathy said...

97 ufos? Though I prefer Unfinished long term works in progress. :) I would hate to count mine. Especially since they are scattered all around the house. But maybe that can be my weekend project. :)

Your ornament finish is adorable.

Lizy said...

My dad would enjoy all those tomatoes and make a a hot sauce eat them with tortilla chips. Aslo I don't have all those ufos and pretty finsih!!!

Mylene said...

Congrats on the finishing the piece for the RR, looks cute!

WOW! That is sure LOTS! Can't count mine now as most were packed but i think somewhere between 15-20. If i can i do try to finish the stitched piece as i go along just like the Christmas SAL ornaments.

Goodluck with the tomatoes.

Rowyn said...

I counted my unfinished finishes after reading Carol's blog also, and I had 86. But I have since finished one and found another... so I am not far behind you on 88 :-)

Nancy M said...

I guess I must be odd man out. I usually do something with my finishes shortly after "finishing" them. I think I have 3 things right now. One I have the frame for, just not put in it. One I have a box for, need to varnish the box. And one ornament I stitched earlier this year. Do you do more than frame or do ornaments with them? I love making cubes and flatfolds. They are easy too!