Friday, July 22, 2011

Christmas in July!!!

Ok, maybe not quite, but I have thought Christmas twice this week, while we have endured some extreme heat, as has most of the USA..We hit 99 yesterday afternoon. I think that was the high for a long time! We just had a storm roll thru & we went from about 95 at noon, to 70 right now. (2:40 pm) Gee, maybe I should go pick my green beans, even if the garden is a muddy mess right now.....70 sounds much more inviting than 95.
My TWO Christmas' this week. First of all, on Wed., a dear friend & I went to get our Christmas Candy Making supplies. The prices are going up at the end of the month, so we decided to save ourselves some money. I have purchased my supplies in July before. They keep well & this way, I have them on hand as soon as I am ready to begin my candy making adventure.
I also bought a FUN MOLD to make zoo animals out of chocolate...anyone have ANY IDEA who might like zoo animals made by me???
My second Christmas is my July ornament. I started it last night & I finished it a little while ago. It is a Snow Season Freebie #4 by Count Your Blessings. I saw this a while ago & loved it, so as soon as I finished the SAL piece I was working on, this got stitched.
My SAL piece was the summer segment of the Novalee2 blog freebie. She is sending out each season during that season.
I got a new game for my Wii for my birthday. It is called Walk it Out. Oh my!!!!! Do I love this game. It is not a sit still kind of better be ready to move. You walk to build an island....I am loving it & if you watch my ticker at the top of my blog, you can see I am getting very close to my destination.....lots of miles recorded thanks to my new game.
Thank you so much for stopping by & especially for your kind comments. I know summer is a busy time of year, but it means so much to me to see that people truly are reading my blog.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Faerie said...

Christmas already! It will be here before we know it =)

Mouse said...

ooooo candy and christmas already eeeekkkkk love mouse xxxxx

Nancy M said...

You are way more organized than me...thinking of Christmas candy when it's 90 out! We hit a heat index of 116 yesterday! But we did get a bit of rain today. Not enough, but it did cool it down temporarily. You 2 projects look nice!

Beth said...

I love both pieces! That new Wii game sounds interesting - I will have to check it out. I have been under the weather, so I haven't done the WiiFit for a couple of weeks. Thought about trying it tonight. Maybe....

Lesleyanne said...

Two lovely stitching. Your new game sounds like fun.

Carol said...

I could stitch Christmas stuff all year, Shari :) Love your little July ornament--I haven't done mine yet--better get started soon!

Good for you for almost meeting your walking goal...The new game sounds like you don't even know you're exercising because you're having so much fun. (That is until the next day when the soreness hits!!)

Stay cool this weekend :)

Rita said...

Beautiful finishes!

Angela Michaud-Mourer said...

Hi Shari! I am a new follower of your blog and am so glad that I found you. Your stitching is lovely, I look forward to taking the time to view your work and adventures. I too am working on Xmas stitching, otherwise it'll never be ready for Christmas!

Happy stitching, angela