Friday, March 16, 2012

New Project Started, Three Finishes!

First of all, THIS WEATHER IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! We have had spring like weather this week & it has been wonderful....I have gotten outside as I can, but it has been limited. I am caring for a newborn for a short term time & I just do not feel right taking a newborn outside too much.
Ok, onto stitching. First up is Lizzie Kate 'Plant Love'. I had stitched this before for an exchange or something...I can't remember now. But.....I had kitted it up to do again for myself. I was searching for an LK pattern last week, I found it & decided to do it. It is stitched on an old ornament cut from Sassys Fabbys. It is 16 ct. aida...caribbean green.
Next up, a little bonnet. I had purchased many of the bonnets for girls & baseball style hats for boys several years ago, on clearance. I 'finished off' the baseball hats when our grandsons were born, but I still had 2 of the little bonnets. So, I decided the little girl I am keeping needed a spring bonnet. She wears lots of pinks & purples, so the colors in this were perfect...she looks so adorable in it....sorry, you only get to see the hat!!
Last finish to show is another LK...this time, it is from the dessert boxers...ICE CREAM!!! I am going to stitch all 4 of these, but I had to start with ice cream, since it is my weakness of desserts. I got 3 of the 4 kits on clearance at I was able to get the chart for the 4th one from an online friend, so I just ordered the fabric for it from HOS as well.
Lastly, the cross stitch kit I am working on from . This is progress after about 2 days. It is going real well & I am going back to working on it today. It has been a pleasant stitch thus far! Be sure to check the links! She has some great kits can bet I will be keeping my eyes open if this project continues as great as it has started.
Plant Love by Lizzie Kate, from an old issue of the Gift of Stitching

Baby Girl Bonnet

Lizzie Kate Ice Cream

Winter Sunset Cottage WIP
Ok, I better keep moving little one will be here shortly. Have a wonderful SPRING LIKE weekend....enjoy your time & your stitches!!! Thanks for visiting & for commenting......keeps me encouraged to keep on stitching!!!


Julie said...

Aww Shari, I love th spring bonnet.
Great progress on the review kit, I really should get mine out agin.
Lovely finishes too.
Enjoy your spring sunshine, can you send me some please, weatherman predicts a wet weekend for us.

Tina said...

Awww, love the icecream one.

Zhenya and Nika Aksutin said...

Dear Shari! Is it you? Nika from Russia

Zhenya and Nika Aksutin said...

O, my dear!!!!!! I am SOOOOOO happy To find you here!!!!

Rita said...

Beautiful stitching!

I'm glad you're enjoying your weather. I can remember how great it was having a warm day after a long winter when we lived "up North".

We've already had humid weather in the 80's down here...and skeeters. Yuk!

Nancy M said...

So cute! All of them! Love the near 80's we've had....I must of brought back the good weather from California!

Carol said...

Your time with the newborn must be so special, Shari! I'm sure you're giving her a wonderful start in life :)

Your ice cream finish is adorable as is the little bonnet! I'm still waiting for my review kit to arrive from Yiota--she mailed it 10 days ago and it still hasn't showed up. You're making great progress on yours!

Enjoy this unbelievable weather :)

Anonymous said...

You sure got that ice cream stitched up fast Shari! I am impressed! Everything looks great :)

Lizy said...

Enjoy looking at your finishes they are so pretty!!!!!

Jodie said...

Plant Love is so cute, it's perfect for the spring weather we've been having. I definately have the "plant bug" lately :-)

Vickie said...

Love the finishes! The bonnet is adorable!