Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time keeps on ticking, ticking away!

Wow! It has been nearly a month since my last update. Where has the time gone??? I have been so busy.
It is a rare day that I do not do at least a little bit of stitching. But, until last night, I had not stitched in nearly 2 weeks.
Recapping! At the end of March, we went down to see our son, DIL, and the boys. We were only gone for 4 days, but......
we brought two of the boys back with us!!!! We kept one, DIL's parents kept one, and mommy & daddy had one. We were doing operation potty training. None of the 3 totally accomplished it, but progress was made. Honestly, they weren't quite ready, but they now have the concept down, so hopefully, they get trained soon.
I finished caring for the newborn the day before Good Friday. That week, I had both her & our grandson. My normal babysitting boy was on spring break.
Last week, I had my grandson & the babysitting boy. This week, it is just the little guy I babysit.
On top of all of the kiddo care, I also had a side job I was doing. I was able to finish it yesterday afternoon, so I am mailing the stuff out today.
Before my NON STITCHING time, I did work on the cross stitch kit from:  I hae attached the picture here.
I also started the LK boxer called Pie on our way down to our sons house. I didn't get time to stitch while down there......too much fun with the boys!
I picked it up again last night, for the first felt so good to sit & stitch.....
We have a lot going on health wise also. I am still dealing with foot issues, from my slip back in November. I  have been fitted for orthodics...they MAY be in when I go back for my appointment tomorrow. Also, my husband has been dealing with a lot of  pain...the doctor first thought his carpal tunnel had come back, but after seeing the surgeon, he feels it is more in the neck/shoulder areas. So, he has an MRI scheduled to see what is going on.

well, I don't have a lot of time, so that is the condensed version of the past several weeks. Please, feel free to leave comments.....I miss my online friends!!!!


Lois said...

It's good to see a post from you Shair. Sounds like you've been very busy. Nice progress on your WIP! I hope you and your DH's medical issues are resolved soon.

Carol said...

Nice to see a new post, Shari--have been wondering where you were, but I figured (rightly, it appears) that babysitting was keeping you very busy. Glad the boys have at least "an idea" about using the potty now! That must be quite a struggle to deal with three in diapers (not to mention the expense!!)...

Nice that you could get at least some stitching in--so sorry your feet are still bothering you. My husband has been dealing with chronic foot pain for over two years now--nothing has helped :( Hopefully, the orthotics will give you some relief.

Vicki said...

I think the idea of potty training all three at the same time at different houses is genius! Hopefully once they're all back together they'll compare notes and move forward, haha! The yiota's piece is so detailed, can't wait to see the finished product.

BeckySC said...

Hey there :) Good to see a post from you :)
Your stitching is looking good :)
I hope you can get some relief for your feet.

Mouse said...

gosh you have been busy and love the potty training idea :)
love your yiota kit too :)
take care and hope things get sorted out for both you and your DH soon :) love mouse xxxx

Linda said...

Great stitching on both pieces. I hope you and hubby feel better soon.


Julie said...

Healing wishes to you both Shari, sounds like you have had lots of fun times with the children. Your review piece is growing nicely.
love and {hugs}

Mylene said...

Hi Shari, good to see your wishes for you and Duane, hope you both feels better very soon.

Nancy M said...

Having little ones around really does cramp the stitching time! Hope you and your husband get the "owie" issues resolved soon. It's no fun to have pain all the time.