Thursday, October 17, 2013

"In Memory" Mouse finished

If you read my last post, you read that my brother passed away & I was finishing one of his unfinished pieces.
I finished the little mouse last night. It turned out cute & this is one of those pieces that needed the backstitching to make it happen! It was just a blob without it!
I learned something about Wayne as I worked on this piece. He & I stitched differently! He did his X's one way, and I a different way. I don't know if there truly is a right way & a wrong way to stitch, just different! My mom wants this piece, so I told her this. She said it will be will show that both of us worked on it, our way!
My nephew has also found all of Wayne's "Kinkaide/Disney" kits. He had purchased a bunch of them, but the only one started was the Pinocchio. My dad has asked to keep the Snow White & Lion King & I get the rest of them. ( Too funny, but I already own the 2 he asked to keep!!!)
Today, I will start on a fun fall freebie I found.
Last Sat, we, along with my parents & my sister & her family went to a state park that we all love. Oh my!!!!! The colors are really just starting, but it was gorgeous!!  The weather was perfect for a day in the outdoors. I will attach a couple of my favorite pictures....... One is the wooly bears the kids made at the nature center!
Wayne's field mouse was NOT sideways when I added it!

wooly bear the kids made

double cattail

thistle....not sure what they are called!

love how this leaf landed!!!


cucki said...

Very sweet stitching and such pretty photos.
Hugs x

Carol said...

Oh, the little mouse turned out so cute, Shari--I know your mom will treasure it as both of you stitched it. I've been thinking of you and hope you and your family are doing as well as possible after your brother's death. I can't even imagine... That was so nice that you could all be together last Saturday at the state park. It really does look like a lovely day.

Sending a warm hug your way!

Sue said...

I think they are called teasels.

Sweet Sue said...

Beautiful tribute to your brother Shari. I too have experienced finishing pieces left behind by a lost loved one and the humbleness of honoring another stitcher. Please know that I share the warmth and honor you'll carry with you ~ we're stitchers, caring and sharing is what we do for one another. Wishing you a fabulous Fall filled with frolicking:)

Beth said...

Nice tribute to your brother..a very special momento. The plant you asked about is teasle.

Julie said...

The little mouse is adorable, such a lovely memory piece for mum to have.

Mylene said...

Cute little mouse, Shari.
Beautiful pictures at the park!

Maggee said...

Cute little mouse! Your Mom will love it! A great memorial/tribute to your stitching brother...and then your talents!

Mom said...

Thank you Shari for finishing the little mouse. It will be treasured forever. Mom

Mary said...

The mouse is adorable, Shari. I know your Mom will love it because both you and your brother had a "hand" in it.

Looks like you and your family had a nice day at the park. This time of year is my favorite.

I'm thinking about you and sending my prayers and (((hugs)))

Sandi said...

The mouse is adorable; what a cute finish.

Fall is here........enjoy the beauty of the season.

Kay said...

The mouse is beautiful, such wonderful photos you shared, take care

WendyCarole said...

He is a cute mouse. Your mum will love it.

I x stitch the opposite way to most people

Lizette Morales said...

What great piece to remember your brother and you to finish and for your mother to have it!!!! Beautiful park pictures!!!!

Brigitte said...

Oh Shari, how cute this mouse is looking. A wonderful stitchy tribute to your brother and your mother will cherish it.
It must have been a wonderful day that you could spend in the park.
Enjoy your fall stitching!