Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday's mumblings

Well, it was a long weekend.....or so it seemed!
I was able to finish the Mystery SAL I was doing. It was posted Sat. evening & I had it done less than 2 hours later. I am attaching a picture. I am thinking a needleroll might work for this pattern.

We actually got a taste of winter over the weekend. We got MAYBE two inches of snow yesterday. Just enough to be pretty, but not too much to cause road problems, school delays, etc...

Well, living in an all male household, football was the topic yesterday. DH & one son are Viking fans & the other son is a BEARS fan. Since the Vikings are OUT, DH is hoping the Bears can do it for our son! Then, when the Colts won last night, that makes it even sweeter for them! Our home state team & our sons team, in the Super Bowl. Should make for an interesting game!! May the best team win....there, that is my sports knowledge!

I am working hard on my Forest Snowfall piece & I must say, these silks on this fabric are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love how it is looking!!!! Stay tuned!!!
Have a wonderful week everyone!!!


Sally said...

Wow, Shari, I love the SAL piece! I have loved watching this grow!

Finger's crossed we're getting snow sometime this week! It's certainly got colder these last couple of days so it's nice it feels like Winter at long last.

~Kim~ said...

Congrats on your finish of the MSAL! Im so excited for you that you got it finished!

Enjoy those 2 inches, want some more!?! I can give you some :)

I would love to be at your house for the Superbowl... too bad I will be in Green Bay for the LNS Super Bowl sale... he he

Cant wait to see the finish pic of FS!