Friday, January 25, 2008

Non-cross stitch finishes!!!

This week, I decided I had better get my winter purse made or it would be too late to use it. I got the fabric a while back & just hadn't done it. I always dread making them, but the results are always so good, that I want to do more!!!

I had plenty of fabric left, so this morning I made a journal cover as well. I keep track of my stitching finishes in the journals & put pictures in them.

I love the fabric I used & now I am on a mission to find more Debbie Mumm fabrics! A new obsession/love!!!

The last picture is looking out my dining room sliding glass door. If you look real close, way out in the field, there are a BUNCH of deer. These "friends" visit nightly while we are enjoying our evening meal. Last night, I bet there were 50+ out there!!! What an awesome sight!!!

Thanks to all who view my blog, comment, etc.... It is a big encouragement to me!


Renee said...

Beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful! I love all 3 pictures! Great job on your finishing! That fabric is so pretty!!!

Mylene said...

Well done on the finishing. It looks wonderful. That is sure a beautiful sight with the deer visiting so nearby.
Have a nice weekend.

Christina said...

I love your bag. I know how you feel. My friend showed me how to make a quilted tote. I HATE quilting them, but I love the finished result.

What wonderful dinner companions. How nice it must be to see them while dinning. T

Anonymous said...

Shari, it is beautiful! Love the deer also. How neat! Debra in Indiana

Julie S. said...

Love that fabric Shari! It turned out so cute!