Monday, March 24, 2008

Can I call it half way?!?!?!

I just finished the 4th of 8 pages on Spyro! I say that is half way. Actually thou, looking at the pattern, I may be over 1/2 way. One of the 4 I have done was huge. The back four sections aren't as big. I took way too long on this 4th page thou. I had lots of interruptions. Maybe I can concentrate better the rest of the week.

I am real excited about a new project thou. You may have seen the Stitching Parlour project that uses a Whitman's Sampler Tin. I searched & searched for the tins, & was not able to find them. I had seen them from the actual website, but didn't want to pay postage. Well, after being to "the big city" last week & still not finding them, we decided to order online & pay the shipping. What a wonderful surprise to find they had marked them down!!! So, I ordered 2 of them. I asked if there was any way possible to request colors. I GOT THE TWO I REQUESTED!!!!!!! Now, to find fabric that will work!!!!!


Renee said...

Spyro is just looking AWESOME! Great job!

Christina said...

Your Spyro is amazing! I can guess that one of your interruptions was playing games on the TS board. LOL
Congrats on getting your Whitman's tins.

~Kim~ said...

WOW, great progress! Keep up the great work!


Mylene said...

You sure made a great progress on Spyro, Shari.
Have a nice week.