Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Can you hear me now????

I can hear you!!!!!!! I now have 2 ears!!!! My owner worked very hard on me today & I can hear so much better!!!!

I had a good stitching day & I still have a couple more hours before I stop for the night, but I wanted to post a picture tonight, because his whole head is now done. I love how this is coming together!!!!

I am also real happy about the tin project. I called House of Stitches today, hoping they had the green fabric the pattern calls for. THEY DO!!! So, she was shipping it to me today! Thanks Linda & Nancy!!!! It SHOULD be here tomorrow & if it arrives, I am putting this one aside for a couple days so I can work on that!!!!! I want to enjoy it yet this spring!!!

Happy Stitching everyone & thanks so much for looking & commenting!!!!


Wayne said...

I can hear you. It is looking real good. You got a lot done in a short time. Seems like I just saw him with only half a second ear. Keep up the pace and keep making x's.

Christina said...

Oh, that is awesome. You are really going to town on it.

Anonymous said...

Really looks good Shari. I think it looks just like him. Keep it up. Dad

Renee said...

Now that Spyro can hear can I ask him if he'd like to go get some eggs?? heehee

C'mon Spyro!! :) He's looking great Shari!!!!

Marianne said...

Spyro is looking so good Shari!