Wednesday, April 16, 2008

finally an update

thanks to EVERYONE who has commented today. It helps SO MUCH to see that people are visiting my blog. It shows me that people are looking, even if they are not commenting. THANK YOU!!!!

Hi all,

I have been stitching away, but STILL no finishes. I started three new pieces last week, plus resumed working on Spyro. I only have scans of one of the three new starts. It is Bent Creek Neighborhood Row. My best friend & I are both working on this piece. I have worked on it in the evening a couple times.

I am stitching BC on a piece of silkweavers solos that I had on hand. It seems perfect for this project. I am using the dmc colors it calls for.

I have spent MUCH time working on Spyro. I am going to post my previous picture & the one I just took this am. I am hoping the pin shows up in the one from today. That shows how close I am to having the full width of him done. If I work real hard, I should be able to finish him fairly soon!?!?!?!?

I have been rather discouraged with blogging. It doesn't seem to draw the interest it used to.

Thanks to all who look & those who comment! I LOVE seeing the comments---helps me to know people really do look at my blog!
Have a great spring day!!!!!


Renee said...

Spyro is REALLY looking GREAT!!! He is looking just like I could pick him up right out of the stitching! WOW! Your BC Neighborhood Row is really looking awesome on that fabric!!!

And as for blogging if you enjoy it then I say keep it up and do it for yourself! :)

Anonymous said...

Great stitching, Shari!

Spyro looks REAL! What a treasure that one will be when you finish!


jsteinbarger said...

They're both great Shari! I love that fabric for you neighborhood row, it's just perfect!!

Milly~ said...

Spyro is really coming along! Nice job Shari. I love the fabric you chose for the BC.

Katie said...

First off Spyro looks fantastic! I want to just reach out and pet him.

Secondly I read your blog every time it pops up on my google reader as having something new. You're an awesome person and I love to see what you say.

Anonymous said...

They look great,Well done!!
I do hope you keep blogging ,but you have to want to,I started just using as an online stitching diary I enjoyed it more thinking I was talking to but it is nice to know who is reading,and nice comments are such a feel good factor!!

Julie said...

Spyro looks great, you've made good progress. Love the BC start too

I blog to keep a track of what i've done for myself more than anything, but if folks leave a comment then thats nice too

Christina said...

Your Spyro looks wonderful. Keep up the good work. I love the fabby you are using on your BC. You know I visit your blog, sorry I don't always leave comments.

Gorgoglio said...

Spyro is getting great!!!

Anonymous said...

Spyro is looking great!!!1 You've done a lot on him. You have a great start with the Bent Creek piece. I love the fabric you chose for it. Looking forward to watching it being stitched up.

Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Debra said...

Shari, great progress on Spyro!!! Thanks for the pictures.
Debra in Indiana

Julie R's Crafting Blog said...

Wow! Love that you are making such great progress. Congratulations.

Meari said...

Spyro is looking good, Shari.

Vickie said...


Spyro is just amazing!!! I love your new BC project! Everything looks wonderful!